Cerita Ramadhan...

I only have few days left now and the days left are used wisely so that I will not miss anything out. But one problem, I know I have a major issue with procrastination. Plus with a very very low memory, I often forgot things that should be done in the first place. And by the time I realized it, I will get this massive headache from all the stress.

Obe suggest to use an organizer. So this lazy and forgetful me will be able to track down few important things, and reduce the percentage of me gobbling down Actifast everyday.

But its September! Should I buy a new organizer when there's only a quarter of days left for this year?

But I did have an organizer in USM. I jot down important notes, reminders, minutes meetings and ended up having at least 3 organizer by the end of the year. And only few pages were used in each of it.

OMG kenapa pelupa sangat ni?

Ok. Back to this post, hello raya dah habis baru nak letak gambar Ramadhan ke? Hehehe.

Just few photos from previous iftar with friends. I have a lot of good friends, Alhamdulillah :) I adore them so much, I love them so much!

Since Ellie was in her auntie's house in Mantin, me, Sofia and Iffah planned a potluck iftar at Putrajaya. The original plan was to break-fast at Dataran Putrajaya but it was raining heavily that evening so we drove around Putrajaya to find a good spot.

I brought spaghetti and trifle, Sop brought Kek Batik and nasi goreng, Iffah brought some kuih and drink whilst Ellie brought this scrumptious (and hot too!) baked potatoes and hot tea all the way from Mantin!

We had a lot of fun and since Sofia and Iffah were already expecting, everyone was ecstatic too see the baby bumps. The guys? As usual with their silly joke. You wanna know what? Go here: Video.

Next, another iftar with friends in JB. There were only five of us including Walid as most of the girls were not available on that day. Break-fast at Singgah Selalu before went to Bazaar JB to drop some cookies and window shopping and supper at Tutti. Ish. Makan Tutti jadi supper heh?




Yes. I love them so much!

Just in case I am not able to come to your big day *cries*, you should know that I always love you guys! Sob sob sob!


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