Du'a & Redha

I've had my hectic weeks. And I am glad it was over. You see, everything were done at a very last minute (as usual ahah!) so I was quite deranged by the end of the day thinking of what was missing. Hence I need an organizer actually.

When I told everyone that I want to at least have a master, I thought it was all empty promises. You know, like when you were kid, "Dah besar nak jadi apa?", "Errrr doktor lah! Saya nak berbakti! Eh tak lah jadi cikgu. Nak jadi macam Cikgu Siti. Tapi polis pun boleh. Macam ayah *big grin*". Right?

But I didn't know it was actually a du'a.

"I need to have a Master, before I get married"
"I'd prefer working for a year before continuing my study, full time"
"Aku kahwin lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lagi"

Ok the last one Obe marah. He said tak baik, kan doa tu *silence*.

"I plan to further my Master oversea. Degree tak dapat so Master lah pergi"
"I nak pergi Australia!"

When we were busy with my sister's wedding, I was busy with my preparation to fly too. Quit my job, renew my passport. But I just felt something wasn't right. And I prayed.

Few days after the wedding I'd decided maybe it wasn't the right time for me to go. Of course it was the hardest decision I'd ever made. Mummy kept on coaxing me, asking whether I was sure with the decision. But I knew it was. I was heartbroken and devastated. Because all I had to do was to buy an airline ticket, and that's it.

But I know Allah Maha Mengetahui. And so I contented with what was destined for me.

And now saya berada di Sabah weeeeeee! And I can say that I will be here for a while or maybe forever *gulp* Rush will arrive in a couple of weeks and how much I miss my car already!

At the moment, I still have few things to be done. So bye!


Anonymous said…
sambung master jat UMS ke chaleen? patut la lama senyap je...

chezzem said…
Hehehe Yup :)
Anonymous said…
amek kos apa chaleen? koswek ke by research? my weight stuck at 76.4 even dah 1 bulan tak makan nasik...

skrg hujan je ptg2,didnt have chance nak jenjalan luar umah....

awak banyak sedara kat sana kan?best ler

chezzem said…
exercise sc. Now tengah tukar from coursework to research. Hopefully dapat! Fuh.

I pun dah lama tak exercise mcm dah gained a bit :(

Whatsmore, my sport shoes hilang waaaaaaaaaaaaa menangis nak beli lagi huhu. dah lah baru.

ah yeah.. I have relatives here hehe
Anonymous said…
bukan ke kalo by research lagi lama?

sayangnya kasut tu hilang,tumpang nanges jugak laaaaaaaaa....uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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