Lately, I realized that life is not about all fireworks and colourful. There will be times, many times that you fall and gain your strength back to continue along the pace. You don't want to be left behind. You don't want to be alone.

But each time you fall, how many times do you istighfar?

And how many times do you keep on questioning yourself, why me?

We learn. We fall. We rise. And we always forgot Him.

I know I am not pious compared to other. I know I have flaws in so many things. But I keep on learning. And I fall, Astaghfirullah. But I stand on my feet again.

We often forget, He knows everything. He knows the best. And He hears you.

"Fear not. Indeed I am with you. I hear and I see" (20:46)
So many things happened lately. But I know Allah knows the best. And I pray nothing but the best for me and my family.

Just so you know, I have 5 sets of cupcakes order tomorrow. My cupcakes didn't rose that well. And I really cannot sell them (I am my own quality officer yawww!). The second flavour on the other hand was bitter! Because I was out off self rising flour and need to improvised. Damn baking powder. And now I'd used all the solo cups :(

First thing tomorrow when the shop is open, solo cups. And I have to start all over again! Ya Allah rasa nak menangis sangat...


Yasmin said…
"You don't want to be left behind. You don't want to be alone."

*I had tears rolling down my cheek reading this...T_T..thank you for putting into words what I could not for the past few weeks..
chezzem said…
*big hug*

I don't know what's your story but i know it ain't easy. Hang in there and don't stop believing in hikmah. But in order for you to gain your victory (in the end), you must not give up. Keep on fighting. Keep on praying. InsyaAllah :)
mRs sYa said…

it happen to me last saturday
when i need to prepare 1000pcs of apam polka dot..and already mix 5 adunan to make about 450pcs apam polka dot,then it turn to be bantat...
chezzem said…
Hahaha tawu.. Perasan akak dok stress ngan apam :p

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