Stop animal cruelty!

We have 19 cats at home.

People who passed by our home would usually stop at the cats' house just to count how many are there. Kids would argue among themselves and the adults? They just kept on saying OMG!

So when Petknode's issue was brought up few weeks ago, I don't even had a gut to click and look at what they did to those cats.


And people always thought we are sort of a cats shelter home. Stray cats were thrown just behind our house. Abandoned kittens were left around our compound. Once, we caught this little girl, she threw her kitten, well kinda like shove her kitten in between our gate grill and bait her with some Friskies.

Oris, Scotty, Haley.

Last week, my brother found a kitten in front of our house in a box. The box was left there for three days before abang finally checked what inside the box. To his horror, the kitten still had no fur and alive!

He brought the kitten inside, put him in a cleaner box and feed him.

Scotty aka Kecik.

And we continue feeding him using a syringe and Danish's formula milk until yesterday.

Kucing belum ada nama. Anyone?

I know the kitten needed a kitten's milk so I went to the store and bought one. RM13 for a bottle of no more than 100g. Went home and fed him straight away and I could sense that he loved it.

Four hours later I prepared another batch of milk and I was shocked when I found the kitten has died :( Just few minutes before I came because he hadn't reach rigor mortis stage.


I know this is coming. I knew it! Sebab tu aku malas nak terlampau attached with kucing kucing ni. I cried silently when Abang buried him.

Tapi, look into a brighter side, if the kitten were to live, nobody would be home to feed him during the day after I'm gone. See, Allah s.w.t. knows the best, Subhanallah.

Tapi c'mon lah guys. Manusia ciptaan tuhan paling sempurna. Letak anak kucing belum tumbuh bulu kena hujan kena panas without his mom memang betul betul jahat. I really couldn't imagine someone dare to it.

But again, sedangkan anak sendiri pun sanggup dibuang, ape lagi anak kucing kan? Damn.

Here, Danish and his animal cruelty. Hahahaha. Kesian kucing tu!


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