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Someone emailed me earlier today on tips on how to lose weight. I did replied her back but the email went to spam. I don't know what went wrong and I don't know if its a fake email, I hope not because she seems so real!

Anyway, since I couldn't send the email and also I wanna share the information with her, here, I just paste the email here lah! Hehe. Hope she reads it :)

Hello there ;) And selamat hari raya too (I assumed you celebrate it too :p ) Well, thank you for reading my blog. It is an honour actually to know that other people do read my blog hihi.

Yes, I was chubby! And compared to my other skinny siblings, sungguh stress! I was chubby and big (I think I have a big frame since primary school) since standard 6. So imagine all the frustration. Phew.

Calculating you BMI now, err 28.7 eh? Overweight but I don't really trust BMI, well, budak sports science memang tak pakai BMI haha. Ok, I will try the best I could to help you.

First thing first, love your body, love your curves. I know people told you zillionth time already but its a fact! Pasal if you don't love your body nanti you tend to crash diet lah, starving lah, makan pill lah whatsoever. So love your body first.

Next, you cannot lost weight that fast! Hehe sorry babe but actually if you lose more than 2kg a month, tu dah tak healthy. And you are tall! You are actually at the same height with me (mine 163 ok 2 cm different hehe) but the best weight you should be is around 55kg. I sekarang around 48 or 49, tak healthy I know tapi I don't know what to do pasal I macam trauma if makan banyak I tend to gain at the hips sampai jeans tak muat. Tapi I look like a jerangkung muka cengkung. Cet.

The best way to lose fat is through a cardiovascular exercise, or aerobic exercise. It uses fat to produce energy (with the presence of oxygen) but you need to exercise at low intensity and long duration. Because if we exercise at a high intensity e.g angkat dumbell or sprinting, you won't have the time to breathe and use oxygen so your body will use readily available energy in you muscles and blood or maybe they will use protein. Exercise at low intensity e.g jogging, badminton, aerobics your body will have sufficient time to produce energy from fat with the presence of oxygen.

So try to spend more time on jogging. Start with brisk walking for the first few days. Then slow jogging then when you are comfortable with your own pace, then maintain. Jangan rasa threaten with the joggers yang dah potong kita few times. Your body will adapt in a few months. But before that, buy a good jogging shoes! My suggestion is Aasics. I used Nike training before sampai haus tapak tercabut for 5 years, it was good but not really suitable for running. A good shoes will help you with your balance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Other option is badminton. Wow I love badminton actually compared to running! Pasal bdminton kita tak rasa penat sangat macam running tapi we burn more fat compared to running. Because I usually ran 2 miles for 15 to 20 minutes. Nak lari second round dah tak larat. So my exercise running aje lah terus dah pancit. Badminton, I can play for 2 hours! It was tiring but so worth it! But of course, you need to be good in badminton too. Kena ada teknik and all bukan bola tanggung every hit :p But its ok, I wasn't that good at first but I learned so much in each session.

If you hate outdoor activities, then go for aerobics! Most aerobics centre will conduct classes for 1 hour or maybe 1 1/2 hour. It has various intensity: beginner (low), intermediate (moderate) and advanced (high). Start with the beginner class first. Tapi I won't suggest aerobics if you don't have the groove. We tend to follow the instructor and tak nampak apa kita buat its actually tak betul. So the effort is not the same.

And how long should you exercise?

My advise would be no less than 30 minutes. Maximum 1 1/2 hour or 2 depending on your intensity. 30 minutes only if you jog. Other than that should be more. Tapi the pace need to be count too. If brisk walking maybe around one hour.

How many times a week?

The best to lose weight? 5 days! Hehe I know! Especially if you don't have that much time kan. Tapi cuba lah squeeze in :) 3 days a week is to maintain a healthy lifestyle so you really need 5 days. 7 days? I won't recommend you pasal you need a day to rest and also for the healing process. But seriously, you can get addicted to exercise tau :p

Then your diet. I takda lah nak cakap no junk food! Eat more fruits and vegie! No high sugar food! Drink plain water! Hehe. Because I didn't do that. I love desserts so I ate cakes and chocolates all the time, sometimes everyday! But I eat a lots of fruits and vegie. Tapi depends lah. Kita makan ikot apa yang ada kat rumah. Sometime my mom didn't cook any sayur at all T_T Just some points to be taken;

1. DO NOT SKIP MEALSSSSS! Like seriously, no skipping food! Food is good! Hunger no good! Haha. I eat my breakfast, I eat my lunch, I eat my tea-break snacks, I eat my dinner and I drank milo for supper.

2. But you need to reduce the amount you eat! Ini penting. Do not stuff all the food in your tummy sampai kenyang. Stop before you rasa kenyang then drink a lot of plain water. When you reduce the amount you eat, you will feel hungry during the next meal time. If you eat a lot, you will be full all day! And this is important too: if you don't skip meal and reduce the amount of food you take, you'll burn more. Because? Your metabolic rate has increase! Ok now that is what you need to lose weight. So food yang you makan, semua akan burn burn burn. Well not all lah tapi those yang tak burn you will burn it during the next exercise session. Get it?

3. Do not drink right after your meal. Tunggu at least 15 minutes. Or one hour. If you have too, then not too much. I think it works to reduce buncit bawah boobs. You know some people buncit diorang dari atas. Perasan tak? I think maybe because of the air but I don't know. I compared mine with my friends (who also love ice so much) :p

4. Do not eat too heavy in the evening aka your dinner.

Ok now as for what to eat, urm I don't have a proper meal plan pun tapi makan dengan besederhana. I mean jangan mewah sangat pasal yang mewah tu lah kaya lemak, carbohydrate and everything.Breakfast maybe you can try breads and milk/milo or maybe nasi goreng ke mee gorang ke or nasi lemak sometimes. Lunch as usual nasi campur tapi kurangkan nasi and lebihkan lauk especially sayur. Tea break maybe you can eat biscuits with plain water. Dinner you can eat cereals with milk or biscuits with hot milo. Tapi you can only tahan this for few weeks je then boring haha so be more creative. Eat salads, soup, sandwich. But your lunch biarlah nasi campur or whatever you used to because you need energy to exercise later.

Personally, you cannot relate me and your mission to lose weight :p Hehe simply because I did not start with a healthy way! Bukan bulimic or apa but I just got dumbed, then I live in Kelantan and cannot go with the food that much, then it was Ramadhan month, my roommate leaved me alone for berbuka most of the time, then I got busy with dance (Man, I danced a lot! Like a lottttttt! Hehe), I danced every night after Isya' until midnight, also had assignments due, represented my desa for various sports, then got stress hahaha, then my campus cafe memang tak bukak malam and my hostel was far from kedai so I malas carik makan I just ate whatever I had. But after a while I realized that I am not healthy so I started to make it healthy again, by maintaining my weight. But it keep on dropping! Must be my metabolic rate.

I was 55-58kg in 2nd year and drop to 52 in 3rd year and drop again until 50 in 4th year. All I did was watch my diet and continue exercising.

All I can say is, do GRADUALLY! Don't do drastically and lost so much because you'll gain weight if you stop exercise. And also those flabby skin. Ergh. If you notice flabby skin after you lost some weight, start do strength training e.g angkat dumbell, benchpress etc. That training is for toning but you need to burn those fat first kalau tak your body will get bigger if you directly do strength training.

I think thats all kot. Hope its help! I will email you later if I have anything to add ;) Feel free to ask me anything on tips etc! And good luck!


ps: kena upah ni email panjang gila! Hahahahaha


LisaLisut said…
best gila tips u!!!! i pn tumpang baca skali tips ni.hahaha :)
Joanne Juend said…
thank you! :D

actually, for my big day, i started with really unhealthy exercise like long intense aerobic. then i STOPPED! gosh, the coming back was terrible. Now, start jog balek.

Tapi sungguh tak healthy la my exercise, When read your post, baru timbul kesedaran. Heathy is more important than 'sexy'.. hihi..

anyway, many thanks even this is not for me :D

p/s: see you next 3 weeks! ;)
chezzem said…
Lisa: Hi lisa! Lame tak nampak you. Busy with the preparation? Hehe. Maybe you can start after the wedding :p

Kak Joan: Hahahaha don't worry Kak Joan, I know Reynold loveeeeeeeeeee your curves! Hahaha
Anonymous said…
shaleen!!! hi!!! it's me!!!!

thanks for replying!!!! rasa nak pengsan...

patut la i didn't received your feedback... not sure kenapa you send bounce back..but i think i did give my yahoo email kat your formspring i guess...

thankssssssssssssss shaleennnnnnn

nak pelok ciommmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

nanti i will email you using my yahoo mail instead that @p....dotcom hehe


may allah bless you

Anonymous said…

your initial weight? huwaa..kalo stop exercise badan naik bagai dipam2 ke? adehhh
Anonymous said…

Hahaha haiiiiiii! I was hoping you would check my blog :p risau jugak you lupa already nanti cakap I sombong hehe. Thanks to you actually! Been trying to post something regarding this since many asked me too!

I tak sure if I'd received any email in formspring. Macam takde? Later I check again. But do email me using your main acc next time if you have anything to ask hahaha.

Take care dear :) *big hug*

Anonymous (not sure if this was Lin again):

I don't remember my weight that well actually. I was 64 (the max) in form 3 then 55 in 2nd year kot. Now 49. The lowest I get is 46.
Anonymous said…

life been hectic nowadays....sorry tak dan nak email u...

neway, 64KG tu tak la gemok manaaaaaaaaaaaaa....BMI kira normal lagi,kan???ngeeeeee..i tot gambar yang you pakai black shirt or something tu you 70-an T_____T

my body type is pear...i taktau mcm mana nak kecikkan dari pinggang ke bawah neh T___T

eh,i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee badminton but i hate aerobics for god sake,gitu....

you selalu menari2 lagu apakah?

chezzem said…
I tak tahu lah if 64 still considered as normal but I was chubby! Haha.

Try badminton lah if you love it. Try cardiovascular exercise first then you see if there's any different. Tapi kena sabar lah.

Haha. Traditional dance :p
Anonymous said…
haha..i tot lagu2 fast number yg u jadikan ur exercise...

neway, put a post la for us to "know" bout urself bit closer (read know as kepochi)...

such as,what lotion u use,ur skin regime..perfume dat u loved the most...

*kepochi mode:ON*

i only noticed u are using nivea lotion,hiks....
chezzem said…

I'd never thought people would be interested knowing more about me!

But........... I do have hair post in my draft, dance post in youtube and my skincare regime in my head! Hahaha. *sigh* I'm still trying to find time to edit! Haha

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