Bhangra over dinner..

My calf hurts so much! So much until I almost walk like an 8 months pregnant ladies! Eh, sorry no offence! We had a family gathering last night. Some relatives from Taiwan came hence our family (the Toyongs) organized a small dinner at Mama's house.

It was supposed to be simple and cozy dinner but it turned out to be much complicated dinner (Mom asked the cousins to buy things few times from the shop), setting up the table even before 3pm, then the gardener decided to cut the grass so the wind blew the dirt all over the table, the Taiwanese people came and get so excited and the next thing I knew, I was already being dragged to the dance floor.

And I didn't know my family get so excited with Bhangra dance! Now my calf hurts :(


u dah lama tak exercise tu.. terus berbhangra sakann. otot2 calf pun terkezutt la hahahaha

I wonder is the aunties are having sakit2 otot jugak.. diorg lagi menari sakan smlm :P
chezzem said…
Itu lah! Cuba kak tity tengok2 esp Auntie Tina hahahaha. Kalau yang muda sakit, yang tua lagilah!

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