Imagine our fear?

I just couldn't stay still at the moment. almost most of our cats at home got sick. Yes, almost 17 of them. What sicken me more is, two cats died already.


I just couldn't face anymore death this week.

Last two weeks, Krystal has given birth to four babies.

Few days after, Harrods (Tutu's kid) died because of some kind of viral fever. And infected almost all of the cats.

Imagine our fear?

Last week, Luna has given birth to another 4 babies. But Luna was restless. Mainly because for the past few days before her due, she kept on breast-fed Krystal babies. And now she thought they were hers and so she got all stress and ignored her babies. Some of them still had the placenta attached and the next day, one of the babies died from strangling her own placenta.

Imagine our fear?

Then yesterday Krystal got sick. And today she died. Leaving her 4 babies, a week old.

Imagine our fear?

And mom told me Luna was sick too. And I couldn't stop praying please please please, do not take Luna...

Imagine our fear?

Ya Allah...

I feel helpless at the moment. My cousin just had a major operation here and I am thinking to help taking care of her since I am not that busy at the moment except for the on and off discussion with the supervisor.

But I just couldn't stop thinking of our cats.

I am worried sick.

Ya Allah, please protect our cats. Amin..


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