Juggling between two.

Well, some of you might know that I am actually planning for my engagement soon. I didn't tell everyone bluntly. I just share it with my close friends and will do the rest like a month before the engagement. There's nothing extravagant or big about it, I want it to be simple and sweet :)

So I won't tell you guys here when and when, because we have also decided on our wedding date also! For the nikah, Sabah's reception and bertandang. All I can say is, its going to be next year. Alhamdulillah. All I've been waiting for all this while. Because I don't believe in being in relationship too long with your boyfriend.

I don't know whether this blog will become a wedding blog as well. Maybe I can share some of the preparation. Or maybe not. Because I really don't wanna kill all the surprises! And, I don't want people to expect too much from our celebrations.

Deciding the date was the first obstacle. It was not easy because we have to consider a lot of things! Being a research student, I really don't know how my schedule would be next year. I just hope I will get some days off for my wedding. We had quite a number of arguments before finally decided that if God's will, InsyaAllah everything will be okay.

Budget is another thing. All this while, I have always told myself I only want a simple nikah at JB, then the groom's side then reception back in hometown. All I want is nikah! But Mom objected since Mama has a lot of relatives usually and since (I think) they have waited for our's turn for some time already. Oh c'mon. We've been in relationship for almost 5 years now and relatives keep on asking already. Fuh.

And juggling between study and wedding preparation? With no wages every month? Erkkkk! I still have a lot of reading so if I am not with the journals, you will find me browsing through wedding blogs.

Then I couldn't stop.
Then I have problem finishing reading my journals.
Then my supervisor would definitely kill me!

But right now I need to focus on the engagement first. I want it simple and chic. I don't want the typical pelamin. I don't want the usual canopy. I want it to be different. And I want my own creation dessert table.

Other than that? Thank god I have a sister who loves wedding so much! Hahahahaha.


Joanne Juend said…
good! hehe..

anyway, dah dpt package? I got few that I asked my sister from.. will forward the email to you :)
chezzem said…
From Tg. Aru? Dapat dah.. Tg. Aru sangat efficint and pantas! Hehehe. Now tunggu Rasa Ria and Karambunai. Lambat ni. Hahahaha.
Joanne Juend said…
itu klu dpt emily ngui.. haha...

all the best and GOOD LUCK :)
chezzem said…
Yang email sy ni Debra. Tapi masa datang deal sama Jocelyn eh? Hehe thanks Kak joan! Sikit2 buat tapi almost dah clear now hehehe. Anyway, OP tengah usha Jofanna hehehehehe
LisaLisut said…
wee i excited :)
no worries xpayah jadikan wedding blog pun takpe hehe

u r lucky b2b sebab ur kakak adalah creative bab2 wedding ni.happy preparing :)
chezzem said…
Hahaha kan? Tapi she won't be here for wedding preps so kena mentally and physically perpare ni.
Farie said…
wah shaleen... mmg ni yg aku tunggu bl baca blog kau... aku doakan semuanya berjalan lancar..insyaAllah..! happy for you. :)
chezzem said…
Haha aku pun penat tunggu bile lah aku boleh start cerita pasal wedding sendiri ni hahahahaha thanks farie! Kau bile?

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