We had a very tough week few days ago when one by one of our cats died. The pain of watching them died slowly, ughhh.

Luna died this morning. We got her admitted again after being discharged from another vet because well, she had saliva kept on dripping from her mouth, she couldn't breath, she was sneezing all day and she won't eat.

And when I called the clinic to check on Luna, they told me that she died this morning because of the virus. Had a small chat with the doctor and she told me she had FPV or Feline Panleukopenia Virus (awesome I can spell it correctly!).

So now most of our cats are still on antibiotic until they are better.

How many cats? Ahh well, TEN! Harrods, Krystal and Luna. And since all the mother died, their babies also died simultaneously.

All but one.

The lucky one.

The survivor.

The 5th generation. And the only one because we got them neutered already *sigh*

Lucelle, she was sleeping and she peed :| Had to changed twice tonight since she also pooped on my pants earlier.

Please please please still be the lucky one, Lucelle!

Oh FYI,my biological clock went haywire already. There's a baby to feed every two hours bebeh!


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