Only if...

I just couldn't stop but adoring this dress. Jeez!

Clean, simple and chic. Just like what I want! Oh no, did I just talk about wedding and stuff? Hahaha.

Oh on a different note, Krystal just delivered 4 kittens today!! It was all cute and all because apparently both her and Luna was heavily pregnant and we didn't realized that until the last couple of weeks. Mom just isolated both of them this evening because Luna couldn't stop meow and the next thing she knew, Krystal was in labour! And Luna took care of her all the time. Oh sweet!!

Kittens for adoption, anyone?


Nur'ain Balqis said…
hahahaha...yeah 2 dia shaleen..dh survey wedding dress dh..hahaha..aku yg dok pening ni..mencari bunga pahar segala..belah aizuddin relax jek aku tgk..hohoho

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