Raya Overdue (opss)

You know what happened last raya?

I did celebrate my first day of raya with Obe! He came to surprise me and planned it out very well with Mommy. In fact, it was Mom who insisted on us to go back home as soon as possible since one of her 'colleagues' is coming!

We arrived home few minutes later and I just about to change my kurung when mom told me not to. So I went down and started to setting up the table. When I turned around, *gasp*!

I almost let go the plates on my hand eh.

He came with his siblings and cousins.

Then also during raya we went to visit Zulaikha who's due err this month? Ni kilang tak tahu bile tutup hahahaha.

And baby Hannah, Fadzilah's newborn!

And you can never missed Belle's open house every year. Because the whole family is really a one good host!

Anyway, am going to start my first class tomorrow. Oh nooooooooooooooooooo! And baru siap buat proposal tadi tengahari. Phewww!


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