Rocky Rush!

After two weeks of using my cousin's car (Thank you so much Kak Tity! How much I owed u on this sobs..) I can finally rest in peace moving around (and maybe going to Sandakan soon) in this town! Oh my how much I miss my car *big hug*

At first we wanted to ship it in a kontena, just like what Dad did when he brought this car back to JB. But after much deliberation especially on finding an agent and also the price, we opted for the much cheaper one, roro method. Which basically, without a kontena, just like in a ferry.

We did found an agent who shipped cars using kontena but the price they quoted almost 8k! And also under consideration, air freight. A friend from MAS Cargo quoted a price for me: RM20k++ Ok forget it.

I just wanna share my opinion and suggestion if you're going to ship your car.
  • If you have a lot of budget and need your car urgently, use air freight.
  • If you have a tight budget and you don't need it urgently, sea freight, RoRo.
  • If you have a lots of things to angkut together, e.g. furnitures, then go for kontena.
  • Look for RoRo ship yang masukkan kapal inside the deck. Inside tau bukan on the deck. Meaning that kereta die letak dalam perut kapal. Get it? It is much more safer and to prevent your brake disc berkarat because of air masin. We were lucky that we got one! When I saw the kapal, oh my god! Damn huge man! Gila gila punya besar sampai kau tengok pun mengigil lulut. They used this to transport new cars usually.
  • You can use kontena, but there's a risk. Because they put the kontena on the deck so when its get windy, big waves, the kontena boleh terbalik, and your car? Huhuhu.
  • When you use kontena, the agent can only open the kontena when the customer is there, with him. So you have to get into the port, which usually a hassle because there's a lot of procedures, then you have to follow for custom's checking which sometime took few hours, only then you can drive your car happily. With RoRo, all you need is to wait outside the port for your agent who will drive your car out of the port. Senang.
Now let me go and hug my baby again before I go to bed *big hug*


no hal la cousie.. apa saja untukmu.. chewahhh! hahaha :P

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