Update :)

Did you know for the proposal ring, Obe bought one that is 3 1/2 size bigger than mine? Yes, freaking 3 1/2 size bigger! So I gave it back to him last week for alteration. Told him to make it 2 1/2 size smaller because I was scared the diamond might fall of because of different pressure holding it (like what they told me when I send it for alteration in KK).

Too bad, I just realized I couldn't wear a ring. Or maybe I am not used to it. I mean, I'd never wear a ring before and I know I have a very sensitive skin.

The first night I tried it on, my skin around it went red and itchy. Gosh! And it could easily came off too!

When I told Obe to just use that ring for the engagement (cheapskate huh), he doesn't want too. Malu orang dah nampak cincin and he wanted to buy a better one. But now I'm thinking of to just buy a ring for the engagement and not for the solemnization. I don't think I will wear rings on my fingers. I have problem *sigh*

Obe will take a day off this Friday as we really need to scout around for items for the engagement as this will be my last trip to Semenanjung until February.

Till then for the engagement preps ;)


Joanne Juend said…
oh hello!

tarikh e-day bile weyh!? *dup dap dup dap*

anyway, i have that ithcy-b*tchy finger when i wear rings too. To tell, i hv over-sensitive skin too. But, try pakai and tahan for at least 2 weeks, your finger will adapt to foreign things later on.. believe me. Don't worry, buy the 999 gold should be alright ;)

take care and good luck! ;)
chezzem said…
Date dah sms ;)

Oh yeah? Tu lah nak kena tahan aje ni. Huhu. Maybe boleh mintak 999 for the bracelet/necklace. Berat sikit hahahahah!
mine as well...but i opted to platinum for my e-ring...then it change better...pastu solemnization i opted to platinum bracelet....

hahahaha,klu susah ko x leh nk jual gitu...ekekekeke...

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