Wedding preps?


I know I told you that I don't know whether to blog on my wedding stuff or not, but hey, no harm at all if I share sikit sikit kan? Hehehe. Nah I'm just excited and boring at the same time. And to know that once I am back in Sabah I will be the usual nerdy, and has no time at all to think about the wedding, maybe I can do my revenge here?

Guess what? We have booked our official photographer already!! Hehehehe. Tunang pun belum tapi dah gelabah semacam eh? Even our caterer & canopies (as usual from mom's friend, Hj. Taha) pun dah confirm. Ala it was easy to work with them. They'd catered almost all of our family's events including kenduri. So with them, tak payah cakap banyak, semua ok aje. As for the pelamin, decorations and all, InsyaAllah, we'll book from this one rising bridal from JB. Met them last weekend and it went well! The owner was friendly, helpful and knew instantly my preferences even before I told her. Thanks for the iPad. iPad dah penuh wedding inspiration photos hehehe.

And since I used a single bed for my room (konon yakin kahwin lambat lagi), me and Obe went scouting for my bed on Sunday. Eyeing for this one bed from SSF quite some time already. I'm not going to buy a whole bedroom set since I think I can still use the ones in my bedroom. So another yaey!

And also stool for our pelamin for engagement, which is DIY, found one from HomeLife. Almost almost almost buy it but I thought we should wait until I finalized on the concept first.

Hopefully the preparation goes well cause I don't have that time and energy to think all the way from Sabah! So must settle everything now because I think I will be back for the engagement one week before the event. Yikes! Tu pun belum minta permission supervisor :|


Nur'ain Balqis said…
uit! blk la 1 week b4 ye..attend la wedding aku dulu walaupun aku x dpt attend ur e-day..urgh! 2 be honest,aku nk sgt2 attend ur 'semi-big day'!
Sabrina said…
when's the e-day? when's the e-day? am i late again? damn..

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