I don't realize that I rarely blog nowadays, or maybe I rarely tell what I am up to, or my whereabouts, you know, since I travel JB-KL-KK sometime until Kak Joan asked me since when I am back in KK when I met her to send some cookies sample today.

So yeah, this is a shout out.

I am back in KK!

Two more months to the engagement, which I shall be back maybe a week early?

The last few days in Semenanjung before I going back to KK were the most hectic one. I mean, we had our kursus kahwin, hantaran shopping, door gift shopping, some DIY things, ring hunting (ahhhh yes the best part!) all squeeze in a very tight schedule.

Ok. I'm done!

All I want you to know is I am in KK until end of Jan yaeyyyy!


Joanne Juend said…
welcome back! hihi...

anyway, for advice. don't go back week, maybe 2 weeks before would be better.

jgn amik risiko ;)

anyway, happy for you!
chezzem said…
Haha ticket mahal lah. Plus ada cousin kahwin sini :p
winodds said…
miss u dah nak tunang ke?
nanti jemput taw time u kawen..
i, min, cery and echa jadi manager..hahaha
miss u so much mis aka mak ayam:)

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