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LisaLisut said…
chezzem hi,
bole i tau mana u dpt screenshot ayat quran tu?dr website mana eh?i tgh mencari2 ni..tp mostly mcm xbest.i suka yg u pye ni.kindly share please :) thanks in advance
chezzem said…
Lisa! In your ipad download QuranExplorer :) It helps so much! I can read Quran on the go now. Hehe. There are two versions, the free and the paid one. I downloaded the paid version simply because you have various reciters and translations to choose from. And also I love to hear Saad Al Ghamdi. Then whenever I read the tafsir, I can just bookmark whatever ayat that I like, unlimited. Kalau free you can only bookmarked three :(

Errr and the screenshot actually, I captured pakai BB aje! Haha dalam gelap. Pasal dah jadi habit I baca tafsir before tidor, after the lights off.

And that is Surah Al Baqarah:153 :) I have bookmarked few actually, and its interesting to read something that all this while is what you've been looking for.

Cepat cepat download!
LisaLisut said…
I think something wrong with my ipad. I search quran explorer mmg ade keluar results. Tp bila nk dload failed. Kene amik yg berbyr la i rasa.haha.Thanks babe.
chezzem said…
Ye ke? hehe beli lah! Best best!

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