So how does it started?

If you are an avid reader of my blog (and read most of entries that I have deleted :p) or maybe you just plainly know me well, be it from schools or colleges, you must have known my passion towards dancing right?

But how does it all started?

Primary 3.

My first performance as a flower for a school play.

With leaves made from polystyrene on both of my hands and flower petals from manila card tied at the back of my face, I was the flower, kneeling on the flower for the whole duration, swaying from left to right.

And it didn't stop there.

Primary 4. Primary 5. Primary 6. And up until secondary school!

When I was in form 1, I followed my sister's footstep, joined the same school and enrolled in their dance club together with her. And it was easy for me to be well known by others, by being adik Shasha or adik Shabana.

So yeah.

And from form 1 until form 5, I just couldn't stop dancing. Me and friends did performances around Johor, thanks to the strong collaboration between school and YWJ. We skipped classes, stayed back after schools, pergi area kedai India depan Kotaraya just to buy some pins, or hair clips, or donuts (rambut).

We DIY some of our costumes and had a lots of fun just being surrounded with friends!

I was the AJK every year until form 3. Became Naib Pengerusi the year after and Pengerusi during my final year.

Seriously, I didn't know if I could dance well. I always get intimidated by others; Sarah Syafiqa (Oh my sangat jeles selalu I don't know why!) and Belle (Hehehe yes you Belle!). But until one day, during our practice for Citrawarna Malaysia (was it in 2002?), we had to this movement, you know, macam kayuh sampan but you had to kneeling, one leg up, then kayuh. Haha susah explain. One of the pengajar commented on me and ask the others to follow my attitude! Oh my, I felt so overwhelmed! How one simple step but if you have the correct attitude, you can nail it.

I even had a major fight with my mom when she caught me cheating for staying back after school because I promised to stop dancing. It was the day when I had my Math trial exam for SPM. I just cried all the way during examination.

But it didn't stop me.

After some time, Mom realized that she had to supported me. That was my passion, and she did. She even helped covering me up from Dad, who thought I've stop dancing after high school.

During my matriculation year, I met with mostly new people in our dance troupe. And learned a different genre from high school. We did a lot of creative traditional dance in high school, but here, what I learned was mostly traditional dance.

And I just couldn't stop dancing.

When I git the offer to study in Kelantan, I was terrified. One. I'd never been there. Two, knowing that it is an Islamic state I just scared of not being able to dance.

Because I just couldn't stop dancing.

There were nothing much to compare between university and college/school because obviously there was a huge gap, from the level, exposure and opportunity. I mean, if they get even more chance to perform and has someone there to choreograph, surely they can be at the same level with my previous groups.

But I was just so happy to be there.

Because finally they managed to learned a lot of things, with me being around :) Nothing could explain what I've done here, and I won't get 'Cikgu' or 'Primadona USM' or 'Ratu Zapin' for nothing aite? Hehe.

And the best achievement ever, at least to me, I won Best Female Dancer in one of the IPTA competition! And I could sense my whole family were so proud of me!

And I was also the leader of our dance group back in university for most of the years.

After graduated, and after taking care of my sick (arwah) father back then, I took a major step in my life. I explored a whole new world for me. I worked as a full-time dancer in one of the most well known group in KL. I was the spotlight for many years and I also became the spotlight there, but not in a good way.

Surprisingly, the talent and experiences that I had was nothing for them. I was the worst dancer among them. I was nothing. And I just couldn't stand it. For the first time ever in my life, I did not enjoy dance like what I always did. And I was lucky, I managed to get away after 2 weeks working there.

But I did not regret at all working there. It was an experience for me. It opens my eyes, see things from a different angle, and learn few things.

When I became a lecturer, the whole college knew I can dance very well, and the news spread so fast!

And surprisingly, I did dance, once, with the students for a competition. And we won! It was the best performance ever in my life. Because it was a whole new experience to me, dancing with a bunch of 18 years old teenagers.

I still do love to dance. But at some time, you just have to stop. It is a major step for me, but until I find the right time and place, I will start to dance again. After all, I live to dance :) It is our culture (oh forgot to mention I can only do traditional dance :p) and I do hope I can pass it down to our kids, InsyaAllah.

Oh and I asked one of my friend one day:

Do you think I can dance?
What type of dance? Paling boleh and paling tak boleh?
Paling boleh is pure traditional. Paling tak boleh is hip hop.

And I was well known with the smile on stage. I get a lot of compliments of the smile and eye contact on stage that just could make your heart melts. Haha. I don't know if its true but that was what people told me. Well, a lot of people actually! Hahaha.

Enjoy some of the videos :) And some that I treasured the most hilang :(

This was where I won the award.

Ok this one masa Obe first time ngurat! Haha. And you can hear from the start of the performance, there was a group of boys shouting my name!

This one masa still jadik lecturer. Cis gediknye aku! Hahaha.


mane gambar mase jadik bunga? nak tgk! hahaha

yes my cikgu shaleen did give a big impact to our dance group in usmkk. bile cikgu ade barulah proper kte nye step, kte nye costume n all.

i owe u a lot cikgu! akak tau joget je, nak jadi 'cikgu' mcm cikgu, sorry not my talent haha. u were vr patient nk mengajar from scratch! i secretly adore u for that ;))
stormz said…
shaleen, u mmg pandai dance :)
chezzem said…
Kak sofiah: takde gambar dengan bunga tapi before perform ada. Hahaha. Awwwwww thanks Kak Sofiah! Enjoy jugal although sometime macam tak tahan jugak kan haha but I do really want you guys to learn something!

Stormz: Eh Iylia!!!! Lame gile okeh tak jumpa ttbe jumpe dalam blog? Hihi

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