Have you ever heard of '30 minit Bersama Ustaz Don'? Or maybe I am the last one to know about him?

Well, I think I am one of the typical Muslims, who much prefer Star World, AXN or MTV over some educational channels (sans Discovery, National Geographic and among it). A Muslim educational channel.

One day I was bored to death, changing from one channel to another until I stumbled upon this one talk by Dr. Masitah Ibrahim at Astro Prima. I was surprised at how you can learn so many things in 30 minutes, reflecting ourselves on how to be a better Muslim. And since then I sort of hooked on this channels; Prima, AlHijrah and TV9.

The topic was 'Haid'. Hurm.... Interesting!
  1. Remember during high school bila ada spot check, what we did when we were caught having long nails? "Saya period!". Well, that's a myth! You can your nails or your hair when you were having your menses. I came to know this few years back so what I did was after I cut it, I will throw it away on ground or bury it. But actually, you don't have to do that. So, cut your nails girls!
  2. "You must wash your pad!". Well, that is more of a culture. You really don't have to scrub it sampai jadi putih bersih. Syhhhh I've known some yang buat. To be frank, I don't wash my pad. Because if you wash it, it will be soggy, then air menjejes2, then you have to perah, then you fold it, then you have to make sure it doesn't drip all the way to tong sampah, then you have to scrub your hand pulak.
  3. Cannot enter masjid. There were few hadiths actually discussing on this. But what Dr. Masitah shared was, as long as it doesn't drip during your presence in the mosque then ok. Sedangkan Rasullah (S.A.W.) asked someone to take something in the mosque even when she was having her menses. You must also know some of the hadith said you can't enter a mosque when you were having your menses, because, you have to know that PAD belum wujud at that time! All they used was cloth being folded on their panties. Now with all the technology, pad and tampon, and as long as you're not heavily bleeding, then it should be ok.
  4. Al-Quran. Ok obviously you cannot read or touch it BUT under few circumstances, you can. Example, dalam keadaan darurat when you have to save the Quran. Two, when parts of the Quran become your daily zikr, Surah Al-Mulk, Ayatul Qursi.
Now as for Uztaz Don, the first time I watched his show was for Muhasabah Diri. I hate him to the max that time. I mean, he looked like a fake Ustaz (Astaghfirullah!). Then the next day, when I don't have other channel to watch, I tune to AlHijrah and watched his show. Masya Allah, I even BBMed Obe telling how funny and best his show was! And since then I keep on watching his show, on YouTube. Seriously, you will learn so much from his show, InsyaAllah. From self-reflection to tajwid to akidah and ibadah!

And that makes me not the typical Muslim anymore? Haha. Nah kidding. I just don't watch 90120 anymore but I still loves ANTM!


LisaLisut said…
2 nights ago rasanya adik i bukak tv 30min bersama ustaz don n masa tu tgh topik tajwid. adik i kata dia kelakar. and yes he is! kelakar tp berilmu.hahaha.mula2 i igt dia ustaz main2 okkk.adik i ckp dia ustaz betul lah. sbb i rs muka dia muka rock.lol.

rupanya lps i up status kt fb colleague dr penang ckp ustaz don tu anak sedara colleague kami yg sorg lg.hehe.

ermmm i suka tgk natgeo,history,discovery channel sbnrnye.ngahahaha
kerolizwan said…
Tell me why your blog is always something worth to be read. Really. Hello Shaleen. It's been awhile :)
chezzem said…
Lisa: masa i bukak die tengah cite najis ringan. pastu cerita pasal air mani hahahahaha! time tu i tak tahan die siap bagi expression!

Kerol: Hahaha Happy new year Kerol!
Cutiesifa said…
bila rancangan Uztaz Don nie?

macam menarik nak tengok je, well, aku pun typical Muslim jugak. hehe.
chezzem said…
isnin hingga rabu 10.30pm. jumaat to ahad pun ada kot tak ingat what time. cube ko tengah fb page die. tapi memang best! hehe

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