I know I know I know!

This is not 'tomorrow' like what I've promised :p Its just that, I was a bit worn out most of the days.

A week before my flight back to JB, I was a bit busy with some errands back in hometown@Keningau. I stayed there for a couple of days, then drive back to KK to get few things then drove back to Keningau the next day then wait for a couple of days before driving back to KK for cousin's wedding (which deserve a special entry on that).

I was exhausted running here and there but nothing beats all the satisfaction when errr.......... Well, Alhamdulillah :)

Then I only had two days before the scheduled flight so I really need to sort everything out, make sure I didn't leave anything behind, and printed out all the necessities: thank you tags etc.

Back in JB, I had few orders to do before weekend together with nephew's birthday party cakes! And cupcakes! And cookies!

And did you know I cannot stand too long, barefooted? Oh my god, its killing me! I remember there was this one time when I had a massive order then I had to stand for hours for few days, at the end of the day, I had some ruptured capillaries on my soles.

But, Obe was being nice, he always rub and massage my feet when I stand too long :) *bats eyelashes* He was sweet enough after the party, he massaged both of my foot until I dozed off a bit.

But whenever he asked me to, I always had excuses on my head.

"Ala you tawu I tak suka massage orang kan?"

The thing is, I don't have the energy to massage a guy! Oh c'mon, this nice, small, delicate hands?

And only few days left for the engagement! I started to get panic a bit but no, no no, you can control this Shaleen! Fuh!

The fitting is tomorrow, hopefully I didn't gain any weight which I don't think I did not *sigh* Why can't we stay slim all the time?

And anyway, I have a good news to share but I am not so sure if I am ready yet to tell you guys. Just wait love!



pack schedule this holiday huh

btw..salam perkenalan blogger =]..and "obe" here mean obefiend? blog serius owner

and last but not least..happy incoming E-day for u
chezzem said…
Alamak alamak! Not Obefiend! Hahahaha.

Nice knowing you dear :)
bintu lu. said…
mis shaleen !! alhamdulillah !! :)))

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