I was tested.

I was badly sick yesterday. Which made me realized, how much I've forgotten Him when I am all healthy and too carried away with all the preparations. I keep on praying and ask for His forgiveness and promised to myself that I will take care of my health even more after this.

I admit I do skip meals on Sunday. I had no appetite and something came up and I always had gastric when I am (overly) stress out. I had breads, nuttela, banana and milo for both lunch and breakfast. Then had a quick dinner since I was dying from hunger at 6pm. Rice, chicken and some vegie. By 8pm I was starving again, reluctantly, I had some bandung and later milo and another set of bread, nuttela and banana when its almost midnight.

I didn't feel quite all right. It was too painful that I almost cry when I call Obe. I couldn't handled it any longer so I went to the bathroom and vomited. 30 minutes later, I ran to the bathroom and vomited, again. It was almost 1.30am and I was sleepy and tired. So I dozed off when the pain subsides a bit.

At 3am, I was awaken by another pain. I puked for the 3rd time and went downstairs to have some hot milo. Suddenly rasa 'gila ni kena berak ni'. So I went to the toilet. Then I woke mom's up. She asked me to drink some thick syrup. I went to the kitchen when again rasa nak berak so I rushed to the toilet. When I was busy doing some business in the toilet, I felt numbness all over my hands and legs, my vision went blurry, and thinking off if I passed out in the toilet, none would know I was in there, I quickly rinse everything and tried to reach the door as far as I could. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get out. I called my mom, who just 7metres in front of me, before went completely black out and kneeling right outside the door.

Mom came and I start puking, again. Outside the toilet and later she shoved me to the toilet at where I started puking again. Then suddenly *oppps* tercirit dalam seluar T_T You don't wanna know what happened next because it was all nasty hahaha and painful :(

I continue vomiting until 6am and almost give up. Oh my the pain was just unbearable! One time I would just dream I live in the toilet, tsk.

Alhamdulillah I managed to get some sleep after subuh but started to had fever until late last night.

Now I promised myself, not to ever skip meals and take care of my health even more!

So yeah, I'm feeling much better now and continue doing some preparations that were left behind the past 2 days.


Khalisa Ridzuan said…
oh..i can feel u. hari tu i lewat mkn nasi ke xmkn nasi just mkn mknn lain esknya jadi sebijik mcm u ok. siap muntah smpai darah sbb tekak luka. sejak tu mmg at least kene sumbat nasi. n xlmbt mkn.pagi mmg kene eat something.jgn skip2 ok. huhu

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