Are you a photographer?

No, this is not me panicking.

But, I just need some help.

If you do know any good photographer, preferably based in JB, with shoot and burn package less than RM500, got the right equipment to shoot a night event, do let me know!

Because our photographer for the engagement just bails out of us!


No I am not panicking.


Maneesa said…
haaaaa ????
dh try tanye member afi yg besar2 tu ? member afi tu cam ok je amik compare to photog masa nilai.
xpe lagi sorang photog - self appoint kakak hehehe
Bake With Love said…

Maybe u wanna check with Lian? owner of Newlyweds Photography based in JB. Here's her blog link :

if not mistaken, her contact no : 0127294507. She was my OP during my W-day :)
mRs sYa said…

darl try dis...and call my bro 017 5335261....maybe he can custome one for u
chezzem said…
Kakak: grrrrrr die lah tu. But opcoz lah kau still kena jadi self-appointed photographer hahaha.

Bake with love: hey thanks so much! She's our dais maker for the wedding later too :) will contact her soon as she'll be providing the hantaran deco from groom's side for the engagement. Many thanks dear!

Kak sya: ewah2! Family bisnes ni. Hehe sure2! Nanti tengok k. Thanks kak sya!
yana said…
Shaleen amek lian jugak eyh.. She's very nice kan :)
chezzem said…
Mal amek die jugak ke? Hehehe
yana said…
Mase engaged x amek die.. Reception nti amek bridal die.. Hehehe.. Senang nk deal ngn die .. Gd luck for preparation shaleen :)

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