The tales about RING(s)!

I know my engagement is in less than 4 weeks, not that I wanna jinx it but 4 years ago, you must be surprised when I said I have settled for my dream engagement ring!

And I thought by posting my dream engagement ring back then in my blog, I can indirectly inform Obe what ring he should buy, just in case, you know, as he reads my blog. (Oh hi dear! So this is the ring that you should buy for me in the first place!)

Its Cartier, Entrelaces collection!

I know its too simple, and odd? But, knowing me well, I always go for something that is unique.

But too bad. This is not my engagement ring. Too bad I didn't post about the ring years ago. Too bad the picture has rotten together with old laptop at errrr, where is it again? Too bad Obe didn't know what ring until now.

But it is not too bad, because, just wait for our engagement ring soon! Hahaha. Will review it later, of course after the engagement along with some justifications(?). Ok too much journals.

Other than the Entrelaces collection, Trinity De Cartier collection has gotten my attention too! I mean, if you could get 3 rings in one time (and its Cartier), can you just say no?

I remember Mom had the same wedding ring too. But I don't think its Cartier. Heh Mummy? Hahaha. But when I asked her, she said she lost it along with some shampoo and shower gel and water. Yes, when she had a shower.

And no, this is not a post to tell Obe on what ring he should buy for me for our wedding as we decided to have bracelet instead.

Bye Cartier :(


Maneesa said…
cartier trinity ring is the same kakak nk just because mummy ada yg sama from dad.
tapi now pusing sana cari x jumpe.kena tempah.

note to husband : 1 year anniversary perhaps :P
(abg iparmu baca gak blog ni >_< )
mRs sYa said…
woot woot

i got platinum for engagement ring as it define eternity...kengkunun nak simpan je la kan...hahhahaa
Erin said…
congrats in advance shaleen. update laa semua dlm ni. hehe. mesti gorgeous kannn!!
chezzem said…
Kakak: kan? Tapi bukan cartier kan? Hahahahaha.

Kak Sya: Hahahaha. Simpan aje ke? Pas kat angah ah. Bagi die jimat siket :p

Erin: Waweeee thank you in advanced!Haha. Tengok lah kalau rajin. Tapi mesti rajin. Excited lah katenye.
Anonymous said…
pergh!! adik beradik nk cartier.. - ini bukan OBE :P
Farie said…
shaleeeeen, its now less than 4 weeks dah? wah, mesti meriah. aku doakan sume lancar. :)

ps : the cartier is oh-sum.
chezzem said…
Bux: HAhahahahahahaha. So, got the hint yet?

Farie: yaeyy yaeyyyy yaeyyyyyyy! Hihihi. Dtg lah kalau korang free! Pm aku kalau nak direction :p
Anonymous said…
kakak mmg dh hint lama dh... cincin tunang dh ketat kata nye... hehe..
(shabana maneesa... jgn marah... nnt tak dpt cartier.. kekeke)
Farie said…
wahhh bestnyer dapat invitation... excited plak rasa. hmm, bila lagi kan nak tengok korang... ok2, nanti pm you... :)
chezzem said…
Bux: amboiiiiiiii macam kakak dah nak dapat cartier aje? Damn!

Obe obe obeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Where are you??

Farie: the more the merrier :) tapi jangan expect too much lah. Huhu biase2 aje...

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