When will it stop?

I think I am that type of people who tend to hurt myself. And it scares the hell out of me! And it is all because of my extreme fear to small crawling things.

Story 1:

I was helping my mom gardening one day, then when I was pulling weeds out of the pot, I mistakenly thought this one green, fine fur thing as a weed. A millimeter closer, I realized it was a caterpillar! I screamed! I ran! I cried! And I couldn't stop hitting my hand so hard until 30 secs later I stopped. Because my hand was hurt, and red. It was so painful I had to rub some ointment that night.

Story 2:

Our kitchen's sink drainage system back in our home in JB connected to the drains outside directly. I was cleaning up the dishes one night. I took the sponge and continue scrubbing the dishes when suddenly I felt like something, something with many legs, crawling on my hand. I had a closer look at it and saw a baby centipede!! I kept on hitting my hand on the sink until it fell and I had bruises on my hand later. Luckily I don't have any knife with me, imagine what would happen?

Realized that I tend to hurt myself with this tiny creature, I took a step ahead.

One day Afi was pulling a prank on me. He did some gardening and I think he found something when he kept on repeating calling out my name. I purposely didn't answer it. Annoyed, he walked into the house, and the minute he entered I shut my eyes tightly. He put something on my lap, I know it were worms. I just sat stiffly, eyes closed and continue cursing him.

Mom came and tell my brother to stop playing around. Guess who kena marah?


"Ish... Tu cacing je pun. Buat apa nak takut??"

Tak takut. Geli lah mommy!!!


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