The doorgift.

I am the type of girl, that stick to what I want and don't even care about what other people would say.

Just like my mini pelamin.

And my doorgifts.

Months before the engagement, I'd already listed down few options as the favors. Browsed through Martha's and found this;

Discussed with Obe then we decided to give Hershey's. I even smsed my lecturer back in KMJ who lives in Labuan now if she can get any cheap chocolates. But I decided not to since we haven't decided on what colour back then.

A week after that Obe called to inform that he had to go to Langkawi for a company trip. Cis jeles. But Alhamdulillah, he came back with one bag full with Hershey's Kisses and Nuggets in silver for the favors. And its half in price!

So, we bought paper tissues from IKEA (four of it and still got 2 3/4 left aish!), and I started playing around with it.

My first try:

Macam sup bunjut! Haha

I printed out the tags myself in KK, cut it and my cousin helped me punching it while watching Nada Cinta hahaha.

I did made sure I have at least 200 tags (but printed out another 18 at home) since I was afraid it might not been enough for the guests.

Mom saw while I was tying it and said "Ni je? Cukup ke? Macam kecik sgt je..."

"Cukup lah mommy. Tunang aje buat ape nak bagi besar2?"

How I ensemble it? I cut each tissue along the lines and you will get 12 equal size sheets. Separated it into four parts: put 3 Kisses and 1 Nugget on the middle of the tissues, lift it up and tie it with a twig I bought from Daiso and attached together the tag I get from Weddingchicks.

Oh I was out of time to cut the dahlia effect like Martha's so I do the expressway; the malas way! Hahahaha.

I did saved about 20 of the favors just in case everything ran out before my friend could grab it (which it did) but I totally forgot to give it out to my friends who stayed for the night at my house. Aiyahhhh.

So I gave it to my mom to pass it out for her staff.


Nur'ain Balqis said…
ohoi! my initial plan nk wat doorgift cmtu gak..aku siap dh print mama ckp leceh gle, time consuming & nk kene wat 1300..mau cacat sementara tgn ktorg nnti..haha
chezzem said…
hahaha. aku tak potong ikot template pun. psl pikir macam menyusahkan je. plus effect tu takkan nampak pasal during storage kan dah berpenyek2. for 200 aku still ok lagi lah. ko ptt panggil aku buat hahahahaha!

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