The dress.

Ok. So lets start with the dress.

Deciding on what dress to wear was easy. I was browsing on the net one day, with no intention of finding 'that' dress when suddenly this pop out. I just couldn't stop thinking of it. Few clicks later, found another wedding dress inspiration with a bow behind it. Ahhh perfect!

And, since I already thought of wearing a tudung during my engagement, I sketched the dress, with long sleeves, and big bow.

Sketching my engagement dress was a lot more easier than my wedding dress *phew*

I want the dress to be plain. No beading, no anything. I want it to be different (sorry I just have problem with having the same taste as others haha) and unique. I want it to be one of a kind. I want it in cotton, and only one name appeared: Shahida from Buttonmybuttons!

Added her in Fb, send her a message, and few emails and few days later I was already in KL to get a quotation from her. I showed her that picture and she sketched it, showed some sample for the sleeves and few minutes later my jaws dropped. Gosh is this really happening?

My dress. There, right there, my perfect dress!

We discussed about the price *gulp* and it was way beyond our budget :( We left the boutique half-heartedly, had some tea just to cool it down, discussed it a bit then try few other options and calculating the budget again. On the way back home, I smsed her again trying to nego the price and luckily she reduced it a bit, not that much but enough for me to sigh a relief.

I must say Obe let me have whatever I want for the dress. He doesn't want me to feel sorry, having a dress not up to our expectations.

And I want a dress that is wearable. Again with no beadings. Gosh, what's up pengantin with beadings eh? Haha no offense.

We try plan A, try to buy our own material. Went to Jakel Shah Alam, almost had a fight with one of the boss there (and almost had a fight again when we bought our wedding fabrics!), but none of the fabrics or colour got my attention. I want it to be in pastel yellow and mint green.

Then we go for plan B. Went to Button's, paid our deposit and ask her to help find us the material in Bandung. I didn't plan for any fitting so I told her to make sure the dress fit perfectly. And that night, I flew back to KK.

Few emails later, she told me that the dress is ready and ready for a fitting. And since I paid so much for the dress, I decided to go one day. Only slight alteration needed and the dress is ready to go!

The scarves on the other hand was bought 3 days before the engagement. I know I don't want to wear any veil so when Kakak and mom went to Angsana to do some last minute shopping I asked my sister to bought a chiffon jorjet scarves with colour closest to the dress. She came home later with 3. And I chose one.

Inner was bought somewhere in December from TudungPeople. Bought the border lace with beading later that month at Jakel with 20% off. But still pricey for 0.4m long! And I hand-stitched it when I was visiting my grandma in Keningau hehe.

So there, my engagement dress. 2 piece cotton silk (that is cool, doesn't crumple) and a bit of chiffon on the sleeves and ribbon dress, mermaid cut (6 panel) with puffy sleeves side slit.

I was surprised at how many people love my dress! They kept on complimenting my dress and I was overwhelmed! I really thought the idea of me wearing something simple and chic won't please some people hahaha. Tunang je jah oi. Baju belum nak bling bling! Hehe.


LisaLisut said…
cantik! ala masa i tunang i pakai cotton sulam je kot? tp kurung moden jelah. lps tu pakai 2x dan xbole pakai sebab gain weight.kakakaka
chezzem said…
cotton is timeless! Hahahaha
Farie said…
aku suka buttonsmybuttons. online shop yang unik. and agreed with the price. tapi puashati...

ur e-dress mmg unik... tertarik ngan button in front and the ribbon. cool!
chezzem said…
button tu kat belakang lah farie hahahaha.

yes unik yang aku nak hihi.
E`n1x said…
just only realized ur engagement do was from buttonmybuttons. she does gorgeous outfits, doesn't she? (ok don't mind me for joining the bandwagon a tad bit too late hahaha)

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