Food and the canopy.

If there is one thing that I shouldn't be worry about during my engagement is..... the food.

We are lucky we found a good caterer which live in our neighborhood and also is one of my mom's friend, Haji Taha Catering. They had been serving us for many years now and I can guarantee you, their dishes are the best!

And since we always catered from them including all the kenduri doa selamat, they knew what we want, I mean in arranging all the buffet tables, what time to pick up after the event and the size of the canopy.

So I can sit back and relax on this one.

During my sister's wedding, I did tell Haji Taha's daughter, Kak Ain that I want a transparent canopy for my engagement (although I didn't know when back then). And since this is a business family, her brother runs a canopy company and she told me maybe they have one but she will reconfirm again when I have the date.

Once the date has been confirmed, I asked my mom to remind Kak Ain and alhamdulillah they have one!

Finally, transparent canopy!

In my email to her brother, I did attached few pictures on how I want it to look like. And bought a few fairy lights just in case.

I was leaving for my manicure when they came to fix the canopy. Came back an hour later and to my horror, they put 4 colours fairy lights on the canopy! Red, blue, green, yellow! OMG!

I freaked out a bit, kept on telling my mom I wanted it to be switched off. But there was another problem. The controller was right at the top notch of the canopy! They were behind schedule for another wedding, I almost cried! Told myself to relax and maybe it wasn't that bad :(

Luckily I had 4 boxes nest fairy light, I asked Afi to pasang kat tepi canopy just to cover it up.

My sister came a few minutes later and being fussy and bossy as always (hahahahahaha!) she insisted the canopy guy to remove it. Mom started to panic a bit but I try to remain calm. Told my sister its ok, I will just bear with it and leave it for that night.

And the underlayer? I did tell him I don't want any underlayer. Pasal macam mana nak berangan tengok bintang? And what is the purpose of having a transparent canopy kalau tak tunjuk kan? But again, dia pasang jugak *pulls hair* Whatever, this time around, aku redha :(

But the food was awesome!! We had nasi lauk kampung: nasi putih, sambal paru (the best!), kerabu kacang botol? (pun sedap), nangka masak lemak (my fav!), ikan goreng sambal, sambal belacan, ayam goreng berempah (kot), sambal udang (free) and another lauk free. I think ada lagi pasal the lauk memang superbly banyak and people love it so much! I can't deny it were all good.

Alhamdulillah at first mom ordered for 200 pax but I asked her to reduced to 150 pax (initially I asked for 100pax je!), the food was enough to cater all, just enough even for those who came a bit later and to tapau some for the relatives.
So here, my not so transparent canopy :( Nasib food sedap.

So sedap sampai even after three days, we kept on getting smses from friends and relatives on how sedap the food was!


LisaLisut said…
ya allah.semua mknn yg u list down to my fav! kalau org kenduri ade menu tu mmg i tmbh 2 3 kali! hahaha

sygnye transparent tu ditutup underlayer. takpelah.dh slmt dh for nikah pulak k :)
chezzem said…
Sayang kan canopy tu? But whatever... Nikah tak dapat lah pasal nanti nak pakai utk siang jugak T.T Panas!

Wohohohoooo lauk mmg superb!
+a.z.i.e+ said…
Bagi lah contact nummber caterer tuh, Shaleen :))
chezzem said…
Aik? Orang taman rinting tak tahu ke? Hehehehe. Rumah die kat cendana 5 gak. Dekat ngan masjid, corner lot. Mmg boleh nampak die tulis 'Yeng corner' kot. Kot lah. Haha dulu lah. Ni number Ain 016 7357342.

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