The hantaran.

Now, let me reveal all the hantarans for both side.

From him:

Since Obe's sister just delivered a baby last November, he decided not to bother her sister as she might be busy with the newborn whatsnot, so we hired someone to do his hantaran.

But, it wasn't like what we expected *sigh* I really don't wanna make any scene here. Maybe this is one of the dugaan to us. Obe had to come to my house, gave my mom the mini cakes that were supposed to be given to me, went directly to Jusco Tebrau after that and bought RM80 worth of fresh flowers to re-do the sirih junjung.

Poor boy had to go here and there on his engagement day!

Oh, and since Obe is the only one has credits on his saving account every month, we decided not to splurge on the hantaran.

1. Polaroid camera. Bought from Saffawati. Thought of using it for photobooth during our wedding but the film gile mahal T_T

2. Sirih junjung after Obe's aunt, cousin and sister tolong alter. Sumpah you don't wanna see the real ones. Even Obe yang penyabar than me pun marah dulu.

3. Ohhhhhh I heart this one a lot! Like............. a lot!!

4. Chocolates, sponsored by Obe's sister. Thank you Kak Jaja :)

5. Since I almost ran out of my perfume, I asked him to buy another one for me, the exact perfume. I just love Chloe!

From her:

And from me, as usual my super talented sister did all by herself. From theme to arrangements: all. Well, except for the colour. She even had to buy another set of fabric because it didn't match with my colour concept haha.

Even when we had to add another two hantaran hours before the engagement, she managed to settled the extra in a minute! Ok lied. 30 minutes maybe?

1. Sirih junjung. She always becomes experimental with the sirih junjung. Have you seen my brother's nikah's sirih junjung?? Ahah that was spectacular!

2. Perfume. He had been using this since the day I bought it for him 2 years ago? Hahaha.

3. Shades, because he never has one hahahahahaha!

4. Mini cakes from Cuppacakes B'Licious. Yes, they are far! But I love their works, neat and pretty! Been ordering from them since Sop & Iffah hehe.

5. Fruits, bought them a day before. Green kiwi, green apple, grapes and lemon.

6. Chocolates: ad-hoc! Gave Afi RM100 to buy Ferero Rocher kat Tesco 4 hours before the engagement.

7. Kek Lapis sponsored by my lovely sister hehehehe Thank you kak! ps: no bukan kakak yang buat haha.

pss: but maybe my kakak can amek upah buat hantaran? Hahahaha. I don't know, go and ask her: Kakak


mintak 1 miniature chloe tu. akak nye da nak abis. thanks.
chezzem said…
alamak pakai chloe jugak ke? aisey tukat bau ah macam ni. takut obe konpius ;p

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