An overview

So lets talk a little bit more about my engagement day.

Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly. I was so lucky to have my bff around me from Thursday right until the engagement day! Despite some minor hiccups with the hantaran maker for Obe's side, I did managed to stay calm even after rows of tiles in front of my room decided to pop and created an earthquake effect for those who passed by it T_T Yes, the tiles pop, ballooning or whatever you call it because of the weather.

And it was around 4pm! Mom and brother took some carpets to cover it until the engagement was over. Phew, all I could think of, do not get panic. You need all your seri Shaleen hahahaha!

I delegate some tasks especially for the desserts, bff all the way from Ipoh came, play around with cats, had goreng pisang cicah kicap (awesome) and teh o ramai2 under the canopy, had shower, more friends came, wait for maghrib, perform solat, make up then I am done.

I think having a night ceremony really did helped a lot for everyone to settle in. You don't have to rush sampai penat. Rasenya lah. I don't know what happened to my sister and mom hahahaha.

I was lucky my brother in law decided to be the spokesperson for the family. He did prepared everything beforehand, had a script and I think he practiced a bit before coming back to Malaysia. Heh Bux? Hahaha. Anyway pun, he did a very good job! Thanks Bux! Kalau harap abang, hampeh hahahaha. Actually we asked Uncle Kadir as he is the best dalam benda cakap cakap ni but sadly he had something to do that night.

Most of my friends came and I couldn't be happier! I was just overwhelmed with all the supports I almost cry! Huhu.

I know my engagement with Obe would be something that everyone was looking for. According to Obe (how could I forget this one hah!), we've been together for 6 years! Ahh no wonder. I always brought him along everywhere. Weddings, engagements, relative's kenduri, hang out with some friends. All of my friends knew him very well. And so did the relatives. And can you see how pressure I was before Obe pop the question? Haha.

And at midnight, when all the guests went home, we gotong-royong kemas the house, rearranged the sofas and dining table, washed the front porch, gulung all the carpets and wrapped it back, mopped the house, although I didn't do that much haha. Bagi feeling pengantin sikit tak payah buat kerja sangat hahaha. Whatever it is, I love my family! I am blessed to have them in my life.


Moumo said…
6years being been tgther?
ya allah!!
i dh tukar 4-5 org bf dh.
happy 4 u shaleen
nn said…
cograts! :D
chezzem said…
momou: hahaha you're funny! i pon tak ingat. kejap je rasa hehe. thanks!

nn: thanks dear :D
congrates. u looked stunning! ;)
oh, boleh saya tanya awak guna ape ye yg gantung2 kt belakang itu?
chezzem said…
thanks zera ;) belakang tu ada curtain lama tak pakai and also kain meter beli, measure then potong2.

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