Colour pallets.

Our reception attires are ready! Yup, not even 3 months to go but the dresses are ready! But only the reception though. Oscar is still working on the nikah's.

We send to Oscar somewhere in February because;
  1. Super malas nak carik other designer/tailor
  2. And that time all I could think of was to get it done quickly due to time constraint for the fitting
Obe was so sweet. Like seriously I don't think I could find another guy like him. Like any other brides, we do have our own budget for the dresses. But after discussing with Oscar and bough the material, it was way beyond our budget!

Like any other brides too, I do have my own dream wedding dresses. We couldn't find the colour that I want in this exact fabric (the kain);

so I had to forgo it and find another design.

That was when Obe pointed as this mannequin with fuschia french lace.


So, if you find Obe later in fuschia, please, do not blame me. It was his idea!

So for the nikah:

Bride+groom: Nude
Bride's family: Dusty teal
Groom's family: Lilac

For reception the next day at home:

Bride+groom: Fuschia (a bit dusty kot?)
Bride's family: Grey
Groom's family: Olive green

For bertandang:

Bride+groom: Haven't decided yet between grey or baby blue
Bride's family: Rose
Groom's family: Maroon

One thing that Obe said that made my heart melts, literally to the floor:

"Takpe, duit boleh cari. Memory kahwin tu, sekali".


Joanne Juend said…
Sooooo sweeeaattt :)
chezzem said…
Hurmmmmmmm sweet or sweat? konfius disini, different meaning tu. hahahaha
Sabrina said…
hehe. having color pallets help kan? i used to bring the pallets all the time dalam beg masa uruskan wedding dulu. senang, tunjuk je kat kedai, "i want the color to be exactly like this! if you dont have, then nvm." =D
chezzem said…
Hahahahaha. yes yes yes. Sampai pelamin maker aku ingat aku bawak wedding guestbook pasal terlampau cantik cover die? hahaha.

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