The mini dais.

I know a lot of people adoring my *cough* mini pelamin. Hahaha.

I get the inspiration from this:

First up: try to convince my mom. Or more like, she has to like the pelamin no matter what. Because if I said I want it, then I want it. Mom was skeptical at first. I kept on showing her the picture on my Ipad. Let her visualize but still she hasn't completely agree to it. I stop right there, whatever, this is gonna be my pelamin.

Then, even without my mom's approval, I started to sketch my pelamin. I know I had to fully DIY it so...

Oh and also few other things on my 'Kitab Kawen' bak kata Izi.

When I was back in Semenanjung in November, me and Obe listed out what we need and where to find but we could only managed few things: curtain rod, pots and side table all from IKEA and fabrics.

Finding the right stool bench was the hardest point! Obe had to scout all the way from Puchong to KL to Nilai to find one. He finally got one from IOI Mall at RM150. It was a clearance stock, it wasn't that clean but I did rub it off with fabric washer then dried it under the sun few days before the engagement. It had some black stain probably from the dust and dirts and also rusty stain which Alhamdulillah hilang jugak. Obe helped me sprayed the legs in white while I sprayed the body few days after that. Once dried I quickly ensemble it but my brother and Bux helped me fixing it later because it was loose! Hahaha.

I do actually had the exact side table, one, so all I need was another one. The lamp on the other hand, coincidentally, I had two.

The carpets (there were three) were bought from Nilai3 at RM50 each! Quite a bargain actually. Thank God mulut Obe memang mulut bargain so I always let him do all the talking hehe. We plan to use it for our room later after married.

I do plan to put lanterns but I miscalculate it. I thought we have a smaller one but none in white. So I just put two big lanterns each one side. Wouldn't risk letak banyak because takut budak kacau, which it did! Had to hide it from Danish and also from my cousin's kids.

The fabrics were bought from Jakel. But seriously, you should go for Nagoya or Kamdar je. We bought 3m jersey in apple green and another 3m flower pattern curtain. Divide it equally to desired sizes, cut and tied it. Syima did helped me on this one. Gosh couldn't thank her enough. Then I forced Mom to choose between all her green curtains and she said yes to this olive green curtain from Bangladesh, so I cut it.

I ensemble the pelamin on Thursday started with grilling the rod to the wall. Then Syima came the next day and she helped me with the fabrics. Under my grandma's observation -_- Uih she was such an observant ok! Kain senget ke potong salah ke semua dia nampak.

This paper tissue, I made it since early November! The tissue was actually for doorgift but decided to use some since I need something other than fresh flowers yet chic. Instruction given here.

And since I made it in KK, haruslah jaga nak masuk luggage kan. So this is what I did:

Alhamdulillah, semua ok.

The mini pelamin was ready by midnight. My sister came then she asked me to put some fairy lights because it was too bland, luckily I had one extra fairy lights, Obe bought because he felt sorry to the guy. Hahaha.

So there, my mini pelamin, fully DIY. Eventhough the carpets hapak, I had to sprayed Febreeze few times!


LisaLisut said…
i kene puji DIY mini dais ni. sebab sgt sweet n nice :)
chezzem said…
haha thanks Lisa!
Sabrina said…
kitab kawin! hahaha. every bride to be must have!
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