The MUA.

Just when I thought I'd finish all my engagement reviews hahahaha.

So the make up was from........................ Amie/Farrell/Baby, the same guy who did for my sister wedding.

I was just too tired to find a good MUA so I just asked my sister to booked him for the engagement. He was nice, soft-spoken and friendly too!

I was just about to perform Maghrib when he arrived, exactly at 7.30pm as promised. So I hurriedly prayed, get changed and ready to be dolling up around 7.40pm. Alhamdulillah, he only needed about 40 minutes to finished everything. Just perfect for me to anxiously waiting for Obe's family -_-

I did remind him I wanted a natural make up (well semua bride pun request for the same thing kan?). But he insisted on having a heavy look on the eyes because I am going to wear a tudung. And I love that he respected my decision not to trim my eyebrows eventhough they're bushy like orang utan's. Sobs!

When finished, I kept on asking my friends and my families, whether it was ok. Not too heavy? No? *sigh* You know how brides nowadays bila kahwin muka nampak lain sampai people won't recognize her? Its not that bad but are you that ugly sampai they need to hide all your au naturale behind the heavy make up?

But I think, looking back at all my picture, it was quite ok. No, it was good actually. He was good! But for the wedding? I'm still looking for a FEMALE MUA around JB because I am cheapskate you know. Nak mintak Ian Sham or Lova tapi budget approval from Obe tak lepas hahahaha. Ok fine, not funny at all *shrugs*


Sabrina said…
shaleen, yg make up aku dulu time kawin adalah perempuan. dekat je kedai dia, satu baris dgn restaurant d'rinting.
chezzem said…
oh heh? apa nama kedai eh? tak perasan pon. balik jb boleh check huhu
theEVE said…
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