Peeping tom? Peeping cubicle?

Have you ever thought of became one of the victim of 'peeping tom'?

Have you ever felt insecure and anxious whilst doing your business in the toilet?

Well I do. That's why I love Garden's and Pavillion's toilets. They're closed right from the floor and up to ceiling, but the only thing is, no ventilation is no good to. The person coming in next might fainted when you're done.

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I always always always became anxious with open toilet cubicle. I am not that scared of people peeping through the cubicle except for some naughty little kids who just can't get their curiosity off with the flush. I am scared of theft actually.

Until today.

I was in my school as usual but arrived a bit early than usual because of the good traffic but the lab was not open yet. I waited outside, skimming through all my notes. But no sign of my coursemates after 20 minutes later so I decided to go to the toilet first (saya berak pagi and cannot tahan selalu).

The sinks were wet, and so did the floor because the cleaner just cleaned the toilets so I had to carry my file and my bag to the cubicle. Thank god for the bag hook inside it. A girl came in right after me and went to the last cubicle, whilst I chose the second cubicle. I entered, locked it and put my file in my bag before I turn to hang the bag.

That was when I saw something right at the top of the cubicle. It was so quick but it took me some time to realized someone was trying to peek behind the cubicle!

Someone was trying to peek me!

I opened the door quietly, look at the cubicle next to me (the third one) and it was closed. I had a closer look at the floor (thank God it was wet) and I catch a glimpse of a person on the toilet bowl. Only God knows whether that person was squatting or what. The girl next door came out and I silently caller her outside and explained everything.

With all the courage and anger, I went in and banged heavily on the door.

"Ada orang di dalam? Hello? Hello?"


Ok. Kalau perempan obviously dia jawab kan? So I knew it!

"Bagus kau keluar sekarang atau sya panggil security nanti! Hello? Keluar kau sekarang!!"

While talking to the girl who already panicking outside the toilet,

"Kau panggil mana2 lecturer or security minta datang sini!"

She came back with few students. And that person finally came out. It was a guy! I saw him twice passing by me while I was waiting for my friends. I went furious and all he said was sorry sorry, he went to the wrong toilet, he didn't noticed it was a ladies, he got diarrhea bla bla bla.

Well, you're wrong messing up with me. So wrong dude!

After few interrogation which most of the time I kept quiet, by the students, at the toilet door, with me jaga the door tak bagi dia keluar, all I can say is:
  1. He is one of the security.
  2. He is the only ONE security at the school.
  3. This is not his first time.
  4. He's 19.
  5. He just started working not more than a month (I assumed,based on his explanation)
Oh c'mon! Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi? Kau ingat aku nak biar?

I did not let him go just like that. I went to the office, reported it to the staff there, and they became speechless.

"Kau mo jumpa boss ka?"

"Bah. Sya bulih seja kalau mo jumpa boss"

And he brought me to see the penolong pendaftar there. Explained a bit here and there, brought that pervert to the office, bla bla, I was dismissed and 30 minutes later, Pejabat Keselamatan sirens' car came together with two cars full of officers.

Dang! Did I just made a scene at the school?


But all I want was to get some justice. Not for me, but for other girls. I know some girls would just kept it quiet or crying or whatever, but not me. Not me.

All I can say is;

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LisaLisut said…
scary gila!!! tp apa yg u buat tu adalah betul! go girl power! :)
Joanne Juend said…
Ergh! Cilakak. Sy baru berlari2 masuk toilet anjung siswa kemarin, dang! Scary wo...
chezzem said…
Lisa: lepas tu kena marah with obe and mom takut orang tu carik later and buat pape T_T betul jugak eh?

Kak joan: hahaha nda tahan ka? Dont worry, sana ramai org :p
Joanne Juend said…
buduh punya lelaki. so, another berjaga2 la ok.. betul jugak apa obe & ur mom cakap..
LisaLisut said…
yup.i nk ckp cmtu gak sbnrnye tp xjd.kang u tkt pulak hehe. insyaallah hope org tu xberdendam ke apa.take care babe!
chezzem said…
Hopefully takde pape. Takpe, Allah will protect me, InsyaAllah :) Apparently, that guy still working there.
Sabrina said…
Ha? still working there?? What the... why oh why?
chezzem said…
Haah. Bumped into him again few days ago. Nampak macam takut ngan aku, tapi die senyum2 oke! Bangga lah tu tak kena pecat!

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