USS here we go!

Let's have a break with all the engagement posts. I am getting sick already, aren't you? Is it normal? Hahahaha.

Anyway, prior to my engagement, Dama & Zanna were planning to take some leave and we planned to goto Universal Studio! I was waiting anxiously, praying their leaves would be approved and Alhamdulillah a week before my engagement, their leaves were approved! But Dama had a bad oncall the day before so they drove early morning on my engagement day from Ipoh!

Discussed with the rest of the girls, only Seha could tag along since she works at HSA. So I bought 4 tickets to USS and informed Obe I wanted a girls day out.

"Takpe. Kakak pun nak gie. I gie ngan Kakak"

Ohhhhhhh -_-

Planned to woke up early on the 5th but since I slept at 3.30am, we only managed to woke up at 7am! And Obe was already wide awake, he bbmed me that they already at the checkpoint. What?

We entered Singapore around noon (finally!) and while me and Seha were busy camwhoring at the back;

Zanna on the other hand was busy helping Dama with the direction hahahahaha!

"Eh Shaleen, kau ada print out jalan nak balik JB tak? All I see here is one way direction je?"

*slaps forehead*

"Takpe, kita sama sama jadi GPS nanti hahahaha!"

Since we only had like half day left at USS, we only go for the rides.

We even rode the Cylon! OMG macam nak pengsan! I am not the type of girl yang adventurous, with adrenaline rush. No no no. I cried when I rode roller coaster. But the Cylon, it was merely a mistake! We thought Cylon and Human had the same entrance T_T I shut my eyes and just keep..... quiet...... the whole ride. Yes, the whole ride!

And a funny thing happened, Dama's scarves was blown away during the ride! Hahahahahaha! Ah not blown away, actually tersangkut kat leher je hahaha. But still, it was funny!

We forced Zanna to take the Mummy's ride. She held on my hand tightly on her chest all along! Since the que was super long, we exceeded the limit time for free locker and all of us forgot to put some money in our pockets.

I was scouting around for help, eyeing on any kind fella whilst Dama and Seha went looking for the person in charge when suddenly Zanna screamed; "Obe!! Obe!! Shaleen aku nampak Obe!!"

Like a happy kid I ran to him! Yaeyyyy! Asked some money from him, get our bags then continue chatting with him. Apparently Obe lagi penakut oke. Mummy ride pun die tak naik. Cis.

One thing about USS is, eventhough their structure, surrounding, landscapes are the bomb, their surau on the other hand, Astaghfirullah. I cannot jama' so I had to bear with the surau twice. My room is even bigger than the surau!

We left USS around 6.30pm, Dama went crazy at the Hard Rock store then we left Singapore around 8pm, of course after we lost for a while.

And something happened at the checkpoint, Dama had a fight with the immigration girl! Ok. Sumpah tak nak ingat. I was chickening out!

But we had so much fun kat USS! I love my friends!


sootspirit said…
ya ampun. sehatnye obe! hahaha
chezzem said…
wahahahaha! die dah lamaaaaaaaa dah sehat.

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