I need to get back on track..

I miss gardening :(

I can't deny the fact that both of my parent loves (and loved) gardening so much. Its like, its their own ways to show their affection to one another. They went flowers hunting together, they gardening together, they even talked about all types of orchids over dinner. Yes, they were all over orchids back then.

They get their hands dirty together every evening, whilst us the kids with hot milo on one hand and goreng pisang cicah sambal kicap on the other hand. Oh so heaven!

I must say among us the siblings, I am the only one who get her hands dirty and talk to plants. The only plant my sister grew was a 'sesat' plant on her drain (yerp true story!), my brother don't even bother to water mom's plants, and Afi, he did helped but always always missing in action.

If you define mother and daughter relationship to be 'Mommy! I love you!' 'I love you too dear!', no, mine is more like 'Mom's orchid yang tunggu 2 years dah start blooming :)' 'Ye ke?' *teeettt* A picture message received from my mom, her blooming orchids.

Oh mommy I love you too! Hahahaha.

Both of these are Mom's.

Mine are below.

Or more like were? Because they were all dead! Hahaha. I left them for the weekends, for weeks, for months because I went back to Semenanjung hehehe.

Don't worry. I will definitely start gardening again. But, after my trip to Semenanjung this end of the month :p


LisaLisut said…
wow..i suka tgk org berkebun.because i dont have the talent.hahaha.mak i pn sama xpandai nk berkebun.org kata "tangan panas".so pokok taknk berbunga. lol..
chezzem said…
Haah. arwah ayah i pon slalu cakap. So die slalu suruh anak2 die ni sorang2 test tangan tanam pokok tengok mana yg jadik. kahkahkah.

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