My skincare routine!

I know I don't have a perfect Snow White's porcelain skin, pfft! But I did promised someone to share on my skincare routine ages ago, so here it goes.

For many years ago, I had an oily skin. Oil all over the face especially the T-zone, breaks out easily, oh gosh like a lot!

I started to get pimples during my early teenagers, around 14 like that? Right after puberty. And it continues during the whole high school years and university. It was so bad my father gave me some tips; 1) blend tomatoes and put it all over your face. 2) use egg whites as a mask. 3) use Olay (or Oil of Ulan back then. I swear my father used this all the time!). Until one day he decided to brought me to the dermatologist. But it didn't get any better, with all tons of make up I put on from the shows and sweats from all the training.

I used so many products back then, Biotherm Acnopur, Ettusais, Estee Lauder and so many drugstore items, but to no efforts, it still didn't get any better.

Kak Wani, my choreographer in matriculation also advised me to always wipe my sweats during training especially around the forehead and always wash my face after training.

Was it that bad?

Alhamdulillah, my sister bought some products from SKII for me to try one day and I became an avid user of it. Not the whole set though, student mana ada duit?

I only used essence that time. Bila habis duduk diam2 tunggu duit masuk the beli lagi. One bottle lasted for 3 months so ok lah 2 bulan je muka macam tah hape.

But having a fair skin (ptuuihhh!) make me more likely to have freckles in the early age, plus mom's genes yang definitely memang ada freckles, so I get freckles easily so oh yeah. I used whitening skincare grrr.

And, having a fair skin, whenever pimples pop out, it will become obvious! Like 10 times obvious T_T So, I need to curb the pimples and also the freckles. Young yet aging, cis.

I still get pimples all the time until recently around last year when I noticed the pimples have stopped simultaneously, except for that time of the month. And since then, I just stick to my routine. Takut tetiba keluar jerawat. Lately, jerawat keluar satu je at a time and dah jarang, Alhamdulillah!

And that was when I realizes I have a combination skin, oh so that explains all the sudden pimples stop keluar? Or its just that my skin is showing few stages of aging??

How did I know I have a combination skin? 1. I still have shiny forehead and nose (note: T-zone). 2. It dries up a bit around the the cheek and jaw area (note: if I used some moisturizers).

I have few steps in my routine, which usually took about 15 to 20 minutes to finished, yikes!

1. Cleanser: Za Foaming Facial Cleanser

For the cleanser, any gentle and mild cleanser will do, Bio-Essence Tanaka White, Neutrogena Fine Fairness and now I'm using Za cleanser. Why not SKII? Well, its just a cleanser anyway. I would rather splurge on moisturizer than the cleanser.

2. Toner: SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

Then I applied some toner. I only used SKII toner though because I do have sensitive skin and it irritates with other toner except SKII's.

3. Essence: SKII Facial Treatment Essence

Next is the essence, which is the best-seller, must have item from SKII. But please, you won't see the difference in one or two days, but wait for 2 months at least (in my case lah with severe acne).

4. Serum: SKII Facial Treatment Repair C

After the essence dries up a bit, I just apply Facial Treatment Repair C all over the face to hydrate my skin.

5. Spots control: SKII Whitening Spots Specialist

Of all products, I think this is the winner! Whitening Spots Specialist. It helps my freckles and my acne scars like magic! You have to know most of my scars sangat severe, berkawah2 lagi especially around the cheek. I used this for the first time from my mom's few years ago and became a fan since then. Of course it only shows after a year but after years of trying to find something to vanishes all my scars? Of course this is the winner. It works from within as what I was told.

So I just use it on spots and freckles. One dollop per use hahaha. SA marah she said apply the whole face then baru apply on spots. Who cares anyway? I cares! One bottle lasted for a year plus! Saves me (and Obe) a lot!

6. Sebum control: B.Liv by Cellnique Off With Those Heads

For the nose, I used b.liv sebum gel, for the blackheads. I do have blackeads, like a lot! Usually once a week, I had to pick on my nose to remove all the blackhead but after I'm using this, erm, sebulan sekali kalau rajin? Haha. But please do take note it didn't vanishes all and stop producing any blackheads ok. It just helps to slow it down a bit.

7. Eye Cream: Olay Regenerist Eye

And because aku sudah tua, mula menunjukkan sign of aging aka lines around the eyes area, of course I need an eye cream! I just bought any cheap eye cream hahaha. But actually the main reason I'm using eye cream is because to brighten up that area. I don't use make up that much, ape lagi concealer, so, you guess it.

8. Moisturizer: Olay Total Effect

As for the moisturizer, I was hoping I could get SKII's but since it was way expensive and I don't know what type of moisturizer do I want, (hydration?whitening?aging?) I just bought Olay Total Effect. I did used Bio-Essence Tanaka White, Loreal Revita Lift, and many more but I still get the some problem, dehydrated skin. So, with all the past testimonials from arwah Daddy, I just used Olay. So far? Goooodddddd!

9. Sunblock: Loreal Matte Sunblock

Then top it off with a sunblock. Sheesh for the freckles! Anyway ni pun I just bought any sunblock. Oh masa ni berangan ada oily face lagi hahahaha.

10. Night cream: Olay Night Cream

And I just started a new regime, night cream! Which helps my dehydrated skin soooooooooo much! Used Olay's too pasal malas nak trial and error brand lain.

11. Emergency: Differin!

For those days, I used Differin for the acne. I swear it works like wonders on my skin! And this is the exact tub I bought a year ago haha. Sungguh bangga kurang pakai sekarang!

And and and......the best product of all, my Johnson's Baby Powder!! Hahahahahhaha! Kami family baby powder, yup including my sister, kan kak kan?

I know they've been a lot of talks here and there on SKII, but seriously, it might be good to me but maybe not to you. Those shits they were talking about seeing the difference in a week? I don't know, it just doesn't work me. But compared to other brands, SKII was the best.

On the price, I know its mahal. I couldn't afford it actually but what I do was, I bought only once in a month or two months. Each bottle lasted no less than 3 months. Even some that I had lasted for more than a year! So with that price, I think its a bargain.

So yeah, took me 4 days to compose this post. Hahahahaha!


Joanne Juend said…
I believe that b.liv!

It reduces my black and white heads like a lot. Now stop no money, i feel so sedih. Sobs...
LisaLisut said…
wow byknye skin care u haha

1. since pregnant i tak pakai apa2.mood malas satu hal,mood kulit mcm ntah apa2 je so i xpakai apa melainkan cuci je n letak toner Hada labo n pakai bedai baby johnson kt muka.

2. oh stok bedak baby johnson kene ade all d time sbb i jenis lps mandi kene sapu bedak b4 pakai baju kakakakaka.dr kecik smpai skrg okay ;p

3. kulit i xpenah OK dgn Loreal. So far Olay je ok kot.huhu
chezzem said…
kak joan: kan? don't know about the other range though. So far pakai mask die ok.

Lisa: kiutnye bedak tabur badan!! Hahahaha now mesti hubby yg tolong kan? kan? kahkah. Hada labo mcm ada plan nak beli aritu, tapi check review ada kata keluar pimple, terus takut. psl olay on my face tak lah suddenly die terkejut, dah biasa kan. so just stick olay je lah. huhu. mmg banyak nak pakai, tapi sangat trauma kalau muka macam dulu :(
Joanne Juend said…
nak beli the whole set but fulus belum mengizinkan :p

anyway, akan cuba pakai yg range lain jugak! mesti sbb b.liv yg "off with those heads' is simply worked beautiful :)

dulu pernah pakai johnson's baby powder but memang xboleh masuk langsung. sedih woo...
nowa said…
shaleen, nora guna baby powder for bdn & face skali. hehe.. takde powder lain! hahaha..

erm yg SKII Whitening Spots Specialist & SKII Facial Treatment Essence mmg bagus sgt eh? Takut nak try sbb nora guna product lain kang jadi lain lak. huuuuuuuu :(
chezzem said…
Nora: hehe org pun pakai sampai badan bila rsa gatal2. best terus lega!

Erm, tak berani nak totally recommend, psl mahal kan. takut takde effect kang membazir pulak. tp spots tu mmg berkesan cuma kena jadi penyabar. bekas jerawat yg berlubang2 dr zaman sekolah dah start oke dah. mcm tumbuh isi balik, tapi kena sabar lah. freckles die lambat sikit. bekas jerawat yg tak lubang paling berkesan. mmg cepat.

essence pulak mcm must have for semua org. haha nak kata de bagus, entah ek. psl org pakai benda lain jugak. tapi mak org pun pki skII, essence die slalu tepek mlm2 before tdo, kulit die ok je :p
nowa said…
heeee.. ingat nak try yg spot tu. berapa rm? and essence tu selalu dgr org pakai ok je kan?
chezzem said…
yang spot tu mcm 369 kot for the smallest size. tapi tahan lama. hehe. essence so far dengar org ckp ok. either ok or takde perubahan. essence boleh beli yg pitera set, mini sizes ada cleanser, toner ngan essence, last for a month kot kalau pakai generously. boleh test skali. hehehe.
skII skII vote for skII!

padahal xpenah pakai! kahkahkah!

akak mmg adore skII tp sayang duit nak beli. because i know i'm hangat-hangat taik ayam punya type. membazir je beli mahal, karang semangat seminggu dua je pastu xpakai dah..hmmphh

tp bedak baby johnson is a must! now share dgn mikhael je ;)
nowa said…
hehe tq.. nanti kalau nora beli yg spot tu, pastu kalau tak sesuai dgn skin.. jual ngn shaleen! haha
chezzem said…
kak sofiah: hahahaha nak cantik punye pasal, yakin boleh!!

nora: no hal! hahahahahaha!
Anonymous said…
salam kak chezzem,sy search sk2 dibawa ke post lama ni..btw,blog yg sempoi dan agak menarik!

kak nak tanya pasal whitening spot specialist tu,akak guna mmg berkesan ke kak?

muka sy mmg ad parut jerawat cam kawah2 gitu esp kat pipi,betul ke akak alami pertumbuhan semula kulit guna produk yg ini?brape lama boleh nmpk ada perubahan?

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