Nothing beats the joy when I found out iambaker started to follow me on Instagram!



Anonymous said…
hi there. i know you're a 'pro' in baking. hehe. but i just want to ask you. why my cookies spread and become flat which make them huge and not cute after they've been baked? any idea? any tips too?
chezzem said…
Goshhhh nooooooo i am not a pro! Even far from a pro! Hahaha.

Ok i've encountered with the same problem too, but what i do was, adding more flour/oats to the batter. I found out that when you add to much butter in, it will become flat, the butter melts immediately in the oven. But high content of butter will produce a melt-in-your-mouth cookies.

Good luck :)
Erin said…
yeayyyy dah follow di instagram! hehe nama i erinradzuan

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