Traffic and prayers.

Basically, if you live in KK, you'll have to bear with these two; the traffic and your prayers.


The traffic in KK is totally unbearable. Imagine KL with no highways, elevated highways, too many traffic lights, and roundabouts. Imagine each houses have 2 or 3 cars, and each of it bustle within the city every single day. Imagine KL with unreliable public transportation, no LRT, monorail or a safe bus trip. Yerp, that's KK.

For the past 8 months living here, I already know what time to drive about KK, which route should I take etc. The journey from home to UMS took 15 minutes during a very lucky day, 25 minutes during most of the days, 45 minutes when the traffic started to get bad and up to 2 hours when the traffic is very very bad.

So, when the traffic got really really bad, it will affect number 2: your prayer especially Maghrib.

Office hour ends at 5pm. Maghrib is at 6.20pm. Isya' is at 7.35pm. You'll be lucky if you managed to reach home before Isya'. So I always stopped by at the mosque to perform prayer.

I've been teaching dance at a local school should be nearby the house every evening, but because of the traffic I have to stop at a mosque along the way to perform Asar and Maghrib. The first time I arrived, I had to think hard whether to continue performing prayer at the mosque because the toilets were *gulp* It almost made me cry! Just like how I cried (such a baby!) during my stay in UUM for MASUM, ah well I swear that was the last! I had to tip toed from the ambulation area to the prayer area.

But what should I do? It is the closest mosque :( Guess I have to bear with it or maybe I should call the AJK there.

Oh on a different note, just to share with you syarat-syarat sah makmum, pasal moi sangat dumb masa solat sampai tak kusyuk just because takut solat tak sah, the girl next to me berdiri jauh gile from me and a bit di belakang saf.

I called Obe right after prayer and he clarified some to me; solat sah selagi kita ikut Imam. Berdiri rapat dan tumit kaki di garisan belakang sejadah untuk lebih afdal aje.

I went back home, did some reading, so yes there's no such a thing, wohoooo!


LisaLisut said…
i igt duduk KK la tade traffic jams sgt -__- never been to Sabah. Sarawak je i penah sbb dlu ms kecik tgl sana.huhu
chezzem said…
Ramai org ingat mcm tu, inc me! Sekali rasa jem die, mak aih, lagi rela balik Nilai. Hahahaha!
Sabrina said…
tempat beribadat tetapi toilet tidak's a sad thing kan... =( happens in malaysia, even kat negara arab sekali pun.. i once watched from TV, laukaana bainana programme.

agree with your idea, maybe u can drop ur idea or comments in the mosque letter box?

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