A week recap.

It has been 6 days since I am back in KL & JB! Especially when its Obe's birthday last Saturday.

Arrived on Thursday night and Obe was there at the airport to fetch me. The next day (like a tradition already) we had Tony Roma's for dinner on Obe's birthday eve with Mehrul since I also need to pass her bridesmaid dress.

Decided to surprise Obe with L.O.V.E. pancakes, oh super gebu!

The next day we went to Sarah Sakinah's wedding at Selayang, met some schoolmates there before heading back to JB that night where Obe blew his only candle back home, ahah!

Fadzilah's daughter, Hanna. All grown up and cuteness overload!

Had a family outing on Sunday to Singapore. Obe, always known for his bad navigation and geography skills, causes me to hold my pee sampai berpeluh *slap forehead* and made us lost our way, thrice!

I am still working on my wedding preparation. Hopefully I can settle all the application by this week and move on to another task.

ps: Happy Birthday Obe! Hopefully you enjoyed your last birthday as a single man before I start ambushing you every night with eggs and flour! Gosh, how much I really wanted to do it!


Niena Azman said…
Happy Birthday Mr.Shaleen. :D

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