Easy DIY vinaigrette

Remember my Muffin top post? No, I still have my muffin, sadly. But it 'shrinks' a bit! Like weehoooooo, I-can-do-this's happiness!

So I run.
And work out a bit.
And dieting.

I am strictly on no carbs and heavy meals at night except those days when I was fasting (hence the muffin stays, cis). I was planning on my salad meals one day (don't worry, I am a salad lover!) when I realized I can do my own vinaigrette instead of buying those from stores!

Do you know you can do one on your one? Easy peasy! Here's how;

You'll need a lemon, olive oil, fresh parsley (I used Italian's), 2 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper to taste.

Start with chopping your parsley and garlic & get the zest and juice from lemon.

Then mix it all up in a mason jar. My trick is, olive oil must be in a higher volume than the lemon juice. So I measured the juice using a spoon and doubled up the amount for the olive oil. You can use a lesser amount of olive oil but then your taste buds will make you remember to use a bit more of olive oil next time.

Sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste and shake it up. You can do your Zumba in between the shaking ahah!

There! Easy peasy!

But I only used it once.

Once because I had a gassy stomach that night. Very gassy actually. I had diarrhea that night, entirely liquid stool. Don't know what might caused it. Hahaha. Might be the vinaigrette or the salad, or the garlic, or the vitagen I drank. 

Try it! Then let me know, so I can decide what to do with the rest of the vinaigrette! Ahahaha.


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