Fitting time!

Oh we had our first fitting session actually last weekend :) Both of the dresses, for the nikah and reception the next day. It weren't fully ready yet especially the nikah. But the point of the fitting was to make sure that the attires fit nicely on our body. 

Luckily we decided to came even after I had to cancel one appointment because of time constraint and rescheduled another one because of Bersih, because my reception dress was too tight! Hahahaha. Obe's was way toooooooo tight he even popped his trouser's button! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Ok we had a moment of pause there.

Did we gained weight? Oh no. I seriously need to tone down a bit.

But all the dresses were beautiful! I mean OMG, Oscar did an amazing job!

But one thing that came to my mind, why did I made trail for my reception dress? Oh no! I seriously think I made a big mistake there! I seriously forgot we gonna had a home reception, so to walk with I-don't-know-how-many-metre-trail around the house, along the roads, on the grass? Seriously?

I emailed my sister the pictures and asked for her suggestion. At the same time texting Oscar what if I cut the trail? Oscar was in shocked! He almost cried hahahahaha. My sister said since the dress is all ready, I don't have to cut the trail, to get stunning pictures. Seriously?

But what if it rains?

"Don't worry InsyaAllah tak hujan lah :) "

But I know what she meant was;

"Don't worry. Nanti Kakak campak baju kau atas bumbung lagi, as usual"


So let's hope I don't make any wrong decision. The dresses were stunning :( at least for my eyes haha. Memang lah baju ko design memang ko cakap cantik ye tak?

Some of my friends did asked me where did I send them to? How much was it? Custom made or rent?

Truthfully, asked yourself, what do you want from a wedding?

I mean you can still have your dream wedding if you stick on your budget. But you have to be realistic. You won't get a full beaded lace kebaya with long trails together with your partner, baju melayu samping tenun within 1k for the materials and workmanship. But what you can do is maybe to rent?

Yes it might not up to your expectation but ah well, its rented anyways.

Different designers will quote you different prices. A kurung modern from Rizalman Ibrahim might cost you a fortune but maybe you can get way cheaper from any up rising designers in town?

Do your research well. Most of the designers have their own tailors, I mean they designed but they did not jahit the kain. But they do all the finishing detailing. So, do your research well.

We don't have that much money, me and Obe. Moreover when Obe is the only one who earns every month. I try so hard not to depend on Mom and Obe. I try to save more every single day. Yeah, I'm still trying, sorry Obe haha.

So yeah, what do you want from a wedding?

ps: oh, all engagement and wedding preparations and review falls under one label now, Shaleen+Obe


Anonymous said…
Shaleeen,do u still using ipad for blogging?

I have a problem,which is when in blogpress application,it shows a new line,but when i publish,its been 1 long paragraph....

Am new to me plz...thanks
chezzem said…
Oh no.....I wish I can help :(

I seriously tak tahu. You need to play around with html coding kot? Kalau pc tahu, kalau from ipad, I seriously tak tahu.

My post semua ok je so far from blogpress. Huhu
Joanne Juend said…
for the sake of good pictures, worry not! it will be gorgeous! :)

looking forward! :)

p/s: really wish i can attend..

chezzem said…
Tak dpt datang ke kak Joan? :((
Orkid said…
Wowwwww u hire oscar?sure gorjes nnt :-) nway we are in the same boat. Hehee. So u da dpt new bridal?
chezzem said…
Haha. Haah. My sister hired him too, I malas nak carik lain dah :p

Belum lagi. I have few listed on my list but belum contact dorang lagi.
Anonymous said…
shaleen, my prob solved..hehe...i just change to the new template and now it's working as it should be...

do u still use ipad or u change to samsung tab?
chezzem said…
Oh yeah? Hahahahahaha! I'm still using ipad :p And I think I'll be going to use it for a very long time hehe.

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