I am going back to KL tomorrow! Weehooooo! Let's just hope this time we'll be manage to grab some few items on our hantaran list and hopefully our last fitting will go smoothly.

Here's a hint for our wedding doorgift, yerp, all the way with love from Sabah *phew* Now I have to think how to bring all the boxes back to JB in three trips!

Anyway, I went to our school's proposal presentation today, made some new friends, getting to know a bit about the campus life, yeah, it was all good so far. I really hope I could finish on time, need to get back on track real soon!

Ok I need my sleep now. The cough is getting better Alhamdulillah. Doctor suspected acute sinusitis whilst Mom was worrying over TB *errrk* Ok ok. Don't worry I am getting better now.

Chow to sleep!

Now skin, please keep glowing until July *ting*


Oh oh. Just another hint.

We're heading to east cost region this weekend for an awesome roadtrip+weddings! Looking forward for all the good food before I start dieting again for another month :(


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