I am actually working on this little project. I know I failed miserably in planning my marketing strategy. That is one of the things that I usually slipped it off casually from my mind. Not that I don't want to plan, but I am introvert, I chickened out in front of public. And that's why I need Obe on this. But, surprisingly none of it works, or even near to planning it to work. Haha.

Most of my customers were, my friends and family :p Almost all of it actually. So I need to plan something. I need to work on something. Especially when I know I can make a pretty good money from it. Not that much but enough to reduce all the burdens that I have at the moment.


Allah is not the one who may change a favour He has conferred on a people unless they change their own condition..... (8:52)

I know I'd never done this (or did I?), but please do support me :) Oh at the moment I am focusing at Kota Kinabalu area only. Couldn't get my hands on to all Semenanjung's order except for cookies. Thanks love!

Find Kookiesandmore at Facebook or blog or you can just email me for any inquiries ;) 


Farie said…
ala, dah tukar layer yg comey tu.... i'll definitely give my support when the business is on orraite.! you go gurl.
chezzem said…
Hahahaha. Comel eh? Mcm kanak kanak lah pakai tu hahahaha. Even though I'm still young at heart. Eceh!
InsanBiasa said…
War.ini sudah maju..ehe
chezzem said…
Aloooo. Baru try try je ni jenet. Huhu

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