Motion sickness?

It has been sometime since the whole family went out for an outing together (the last one was during Mother's day last year I guess?) with each of us at a different states/countries, so I thought it would be cool to had an outing to Universal Studio, Singapore. And it would be more extra fun since the cute little Danish tag along! But of course my sister and BIL missed it as they were in Dubai.

I'd planned it beforehand, letting Abang knew on the plan, asked Afi for his schedule, and finally Alhamdulillah.

But only that, it didn't went that well that day.

  1. Obe had problem with his Autopass grrrr.
  2. We got lost few times as the pilot and his co-pilot (Afi) got confused following the GPS.
  3. We had to parked at the convention centre parking area.
  4. I went ballistic and rushed out the car even before we could find a parking spot because I really had to pee!
  5. Both Afi and Obe mabuk after the rides!

Seriously, I missed all the fun and rides (I was sulking all afternoon!) because I was 'baby'-sitting Obe. Despite all the hatred and anger, I just couldn't bare leaving him alone sleeping at food court's table. He puked 3 times (!) all because of one Mummy's ride. Yurp! Such a baby hahahaha!

That reminded me of him having the same problem during our fun trip to Perhentian with friends, he spent all afternoon sleeping in his room and missed out all the snorkelling trip. And he puked once in a bus after our Genting's outing T_T

Not that macho anymore, heh?

Now I know, whenever our kids insisted to take any rides, Obe would be the one with the handbag and stroller waiting for us to be flip up in the air.

What a cool dad!

Ok last one,


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