New addition!

I didn't feel that well lately. Maybe its the weather, maybe its the stress, or perhaps I didn't take care of my health that well lately? I'd been coughing for 4 weeks, where it all started with only a mild fever and flu.

I went back to JB and KL again last week, to get the wedding cards and also to attend one of my good friend from high school's wedding, Syafiqah. Bought the ticket earlier when suddenly I got the letter for SPA exam. Phew. So which one did I went to? The wedding of course! Hahaha.

So besides the cards, I've finalized my doorgifts as well with the family. I just couldn't stop thanking Kakak and my Mom for helping me out with the bags as finding a ready made bags were much painfully killing me knowing the price could be use for something else. 

I will be back again end of the month to attend few more weddings :p And also to send out all the cards for friends. And also to bring back our doorgift made specially in Sabah! Yerp! You just have to be there then you'll know ;)

Oh did you know that we have a new addition in our cats family after the heart-wrenching experience with the last two families?

Our very own gremlin. He does look like one eh?


Hiro's gene. The odd-eyed cats.
Oprah (which apparently is Mom's favourite!)

And Rio.
The one with yellow iris, with blue outer ring.


Sabrina said…
comelnye kucing2 itu!! How come mata Oprah lain2 ya?
chezzem said…
Its in the gene! Haha.Mcm Hiro, her atok.

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