Wedding updates

Yes yes. Wedding can be a bit stressful, with all the preparations.

  • Legal documents: Alhamdulillah settled! Thank you Syima for accompanying me the whole day *big hug* She even had a nap on my sofa while waiting for my Poslaju guy who didn't even show up before Friday prayer.
  • Canopy: Discussed with Azhar, Hj. Taha's son on the canopy options which will burn our pockets if Mom insist on this one type of canopy *gulp*
  • Wedding cards: Yes I know there's only 2 months left and I don't even have any cards? Well, being me, I designed my own card after getting few quotation and designs from vendors. Hopefully Obe will send the cards for printing tomorrow or we won't have any cards to distribute next week (Yes I'm coming home - Skylar Grey?).
  • I need a new pelamin maker *sigh* Deja vu allover again?
  • Bought curtain for the room :) Yes no more pink. No pink. No pink??

Thank you for all this stress. 3 pimples poped out last week. Three? OMG three? Baru cerita pasal SKII tiga keluar?

Haha good one Shaleen.



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