And so I went back to JB again last weekend. Just for the weekend. Who the heck did that when the next flight is just two weeks away, ME, yes me! I just had to bring back all the wedding favor before the final week or else I'll have to spend more on the luggage.

Or in another words, I just have to check the progress back at home which definitely behind scheduled! Hopefully my sister able to do something within this two weeks frames. Oh so lucky to have my sister around. She has become our cats' godmother too at the moment hahaha!

Ok I am just trying to be positive here. Have few more things to settle this two weeks here between study, work and family before finally taking a break and start my new life as a wife *gasp*

Oh did I tell you we're going to have a double wedding for Obe's side? In October? Pengantin lama :( Oh seri don't go away please? Apparently Obe's brother wanted to get married on September, my first in law's wedding. Errr.

Ok bye now and a shot from my new *dust off* working station.


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