Home alone.

I am now living alone in KK -_- Both of my cousins moved out end of last week to somewhere near here as Kak Tity am no longer be able to climb the stairs, well at least until her fracture heals. Yes! She'd fractured her femur which supposed to be a hairline fracture but after weeks of pain, the doctor (or Kak Tity herself) decided to cast her leg today.

You should have seen us struggling the day we found out she can't even move or walk after 2 1/2 hrs flight from KL. I did tried to carry her all the way up to our house (which at the 2nd floor!) but to no avail, Kak Tity seems to be a lot heavier than I think. Haha.

So we ended up at the A&E at one of the local hospital here.

Moral of the story: please have extra cash in your wallet guys!

I dropped her at another cousins' landed house *phew* and the next day Uncle Len came all the way from Keningau and brought her home. Apparently, Mama's wheelchair has become one of her useful transport nowadays. Hahaha.

So yeah. All I wanna say is, CALL me if you need a place to party. In a MUSLIMAH way. Hahaha.


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