The journey to East Coast regions..

Our journey to the east coast regions was, what should I say? Errrr... Tiring and adventurous?

We drove out of KL on Friday after work, after fetching Mehrul from LRT Gombak. Everything went smoothly before we were stuck in a jam somewhere in Bukit Tinggi. There was an accident involving a van, we even saw a makcik and few others lying on the road. News here.

Reached Kuantan for Syam's nikah around 9.30pm, slightly after the akad itself.

And it did feels good to be the awesome threesome again, only this time I am no longer the confused-religion(?) girl. Hahahaha.

We left after the 2nd dress portraiture session slightly after 10.30pm to Cherating for a sleepover before heading to KB the next day. Surprisingly all of the hotels/chalets/resorts were fully booked! Up until Kuala Terengganu! Yes we did checked every hotels on the street. The only hotel available was in Kemaman, but was overpriced for two rooms so we decided to drive to Kerteh whilst Obe trying to reached his brother.

Two minutes later we were told that his brother was in KL, along with all Obe's family T_T

And we ended up sleeping in the car, three of us somewhere before KT at a petrol kiosk! I only had like 30 minutes nap because it was getting really uncomfortable. Went to a nearby mosque to freshen up and perform Subuh and continue our journey after a heavy breakfast to KB.

Thank God Izi was at home so we had a shower there before heading to Beha's wedding.

Beha sangat gorgeous! Gigih make up sendiri. Haha

Went to Pengkalan Kubor after the wedding, dropping Izi back home then continue our journey to KL. We were all extremely exhausted and sleep deprived, even Obe swore not to drive to KB! Or even better, lets just plan the journey and NO MORE WALK IN hotel!


I didn't get my nasi ulam :( Jom plan lagi Obe? Hahahaha!


Moumo said…
beha yg gadis melayu kan.
die study usm jugak kalau xslh
oh oh si cantik tapi lemah da kawen! congrats syam! :D
chezzem said…
Moumo: hah yup beha gadis melayu :) we were active in dance back then in USM hihi.

Kak sofiah: hahahahahaha si cantik tapi lemah! Lame tak dengar! Haha. Dengan otai je bole dengar.

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