Cookies for hari raya?

Good news is we are back in Semenanjung for Hari Raya's orders!

Please do take note that we'll be taking limited number or jars this time. So, to avoid disappointment (or in another word; kempunan), please make a full payment within two days after booking to confirm your order ;)

1.       Choose between M&M’s (RM28) or Original chocolate chips (RM25) cookies.
2.       Send me a msg/sms/whatsapp/email and let me know how any jars do you want.
3.       You’ll be getting a reply from me together with account number to make a payment.
4.       Let me know once again if you have made a payment.

No delivery, strictly pick it up yourselves (unless you choose to Poslaju it) from;

Me: at Taman Rinting, Masai from 31st July until 6th August
Obe: at Menara Celcom, Jln Semarak from 7th August onwards.

*Each jar: 55-60pcs

Find us at Kookiesandmore for more info or email to us at!


anariffin said…
wah3x..gigih nye pengantin baru ni..leh torai ni..hehe
chezzem said…
haha kerja tetap everytime raya :p Meh meh order :D gerenti sedap! tak tipo!
~lonelyna~ said…
mahu mahu mahu!:)

nak order kat sini je bley tak?
chezzem said…
Fazlina: dah msg :D

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