Gazillion Thank You!


I was so excited getting married that I forgot to make a thank you post for those who involved directly and indirectly with my wedding! Tsk tsk. Should have made that first before started babbling more on the wedding *facepalm*

So let's begin!

I would like to thank Obe (obviously!) for all your supports; physically, mentally and financially *ehem*, listened to all my whining, indecisive decisions, numerous breakdown, stress and whats not. Thank you to finally proposing to me after countless hints by me (guys just don't get it kan?) and able to sustained the wedding preparation phase, which was fun at some point but also stressful here and there. Thank you for not changing your mind during that phase. Hahaha. I love you. We are miles apart but InsyaAllah we'll be together one day. Thank you Obe!

(just in case I don't call him Abang because I already have one! Haha. Obe pun geli)

I would like to thank my two maid of honours! Awesome kan ada dua? Hehe. To Syima and Nana. Thank you for all your help! Thank you for accompanied and helped me preparing the cake in jars up until Subuh after nikah, sorted out the empty jars and filled it in with the chocolate two hours before the wedding! Sama-sama tengok youtube on how to tie a turban, and nailed it in one attempt! Made sure that I do feel like a pengantin instead of a bridezilla running here and there. To Syima, thank you for being the awesome pengapit. I know my trail can sometime (or most of the time) be a pain in the ass but what to do, you did signed the contract way beforehand hehe. To Nana, thank you you've made it to my wedding (via bus!), your presence definitely means something to me, on our friendship since high school :) up to university. 

I would like to thank my friends from primary school; Sabrina :) You are a sweetheart! From high school; Nasyitah, Ellie and Isma, thank you for lighten up the atmosphere, thank you for all the unexpected props, thank you for being there from the engagement until the solemnization and the reception, the non stop compliments, I do feel like the Queen of the day. Oh and the non stop nagging, Nasyi you're so makcik la! Haha. From USM: Mehrul (&Hussain), Dama, Zanna, Seha, Nurin, Pa'a, Farie, Farha, OMG you guys did make me cryyyyy T_T How could I ever replaced you guys? Mind you, they're all doctors from Perak to Johor to Labuan but they took some days off for me. Ok for me! You should've known how hard it is for doctors to get a day off kan? But they did, for me *cries* Now that ladies and gentleman, is what we called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. are! Even Mehrul took few days off and ditched her company's family day in Gambang. So sad they couldn't stay long and we don't even bid goodbyes, sobs! Mehrul, thank you for the henna, its was beautiful :)
I would like to thank my relatives, both from JB and Sabah; Tata Bibah, always be orang kuat or the event's PR together with Amai Bibi who also did my henna. Manja helping me with the doorgifts and also my pelamin nikah. Sheena, Lala and Chacha helping me with the doorgifts, gifts for the lucky draw and bunga telur. Appy & Dylon, helping me with the lanterns, photobooth, signage. Thank you to all my relatives, you guys did wonders to my wedding :)

I would like to thank my family; Kakak and Bux, Abang & Seri, and Afi. You guys did helped me so much through out the event! There wasn't much to told on what to do, you guys just work like a magic most probably because it was the third wedding and after countless events.

Especially to my sister,

you are one awesome sister! Without you, I don't think I could have the wedding that we had 3 weeks back. You looked into the small tiny details and let me worried about it (in a good way). Thank you for the hantaran, bunga telur, the main table decos, well these are you expertise I should just leave it to you :p Thank you for sewing the 600(?) pouch bags when mom couldn't finish it on time. Thank you kakak, thank you so much *sloppy kisses*

ps: just so you know, you had the same pose and almost the same ambiance from Abang's outdoor session! Haha.

And to my Mom, you are a wonderful mom T_T Even when you were tired cleaning up all the mess, and not enough rest, you still put on that happy smile of yours on your face that made my heart melts each time. I know despite all that, you were happy that one of your child finally get married to the man you can count on to. You were sporting enough to let us planned what we want for the wedding, even when you didn't agree in some area, you finally did, because after all, it was me and Obe's wedding. You were a single mother, all along since we were kid, someone everyone else looked up to, someone we love dearly, through thick and thin. Someone we called Mummy. Thank you Mummy!

And also to my in law's family, thank you for all the supports. I know Obe could be pretty handful sometime, but ah well, he was just being Obe! Hehe. Looking forward for Kerteh's soon!


Sabrina said…
You are welcome =)

My wish, for you to stay as you are now and jgn kembang after kahwin! =D

Stay Dolly! even with Hijab. =D
chezzem said…
Fuh fuh. Nasib baik duduk sabah makan kena catu (!) psl duduk sorang2 hahaha
Maneesa said…
awww *tears (like seriously!)
sarah said…
baju u same like that masam manis blog kan?
by the way nice scarf
chezzem said…
kakak: awwwwwwwwww :')

Sarah: my sister pointed out the same thing too, didn't realized it at first, but I guess Peplum is in this season? Hehe.

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